6 month check - scared

So.. I haven't posted for a while. But my 6 month check up following a LLETZ for CIN3 is now looming.

I haven't received the appointment yet, but it will be 6 months in the middle of March.

I am beginning to feel very scared, imagining the worst - what if they didn't remove it all and it has developed since then? Or what if I need another LLETZ?

I am also dreading maybe needing biopsies again as it was a pretty horrendous experience last time....

Last time, my partner came with me (for all the use he was) but we have since separated and I will be going alone this time, I don't really have anybody to talk to about it this time around - my Mum's way of being reassuring is to tell me to stop talking about it, and I lost most of my close friends. I've started to build a new social group but can't really go into it with them yet, and my best friend is travelling in New Zealand.

I don't really know what to do to take my mind off it but it would be reassuring to hear from anybody who has had their check up and it went fine! (or not so fine but it was all OK in the end)

Hi i have just had my 6 month check up, my smear came back normal but i have tested positive for HPV, im waiting to go for colposcopy in 4 weeks

good luck with your 6 month check-up


Hi hun i went for my 6 month recall (test of cure) in january after lletz for cin3. My smear came back negative and i have also cleared the hpv...back to 3 year recall for me. 

I was a nervous wreck the closer the dreaded date came and i was so anxious waiting for my results, i think its completely normal to be that way, especially after what we have been through already with it. But mine turned out good and i spent far too many hours worrying about something i didn't really need to. Its wondeful we are being looked after and that we are turning up religiously to these appointments, thats what i kept telling myself.

The nurse said to me if you had clear margins on your lletz then its pretty much a cert that its gone. If by a small chance you have new cells that have grown in since then, i imagine in 6 months it would be very very low grade. Its something like a 95% chance that you will be 'cured' after a lletz. If you still have the virus, chances are your body just needs a little longer to clear it.

Hope everything goes well. Xx

Ps i have just seen you had a cone....im sure the same applies? My mum had a cone biopsy 10 years ago and has had clear smears since. Xx

Hi Hun... I'm in the honeymoon period myself.... As in ive not long had my lletz n feel like the 6 month check is ages away.... But I'm sure as it gets nearer I'll be feeling just like you!!! It's weird cos I've told my closest friends n family n when I told them my results they were all like "fantastic, your all clear".... N I am Clear of the big c... But I still feel like this is lurking at the back of my mind and will do f six months.... I'm really worried I'll need more treatment..... But for now I'm trying to enjoy the six months honeymoon!!! 


Anyway i I guess I just wanted to say "good luck"... I really hope your six month check shows all is well for you x x x

Thanks girls this is really reassuring!

It's really reassuring to know it is 95% effective, that makes me feel a lot better!!

Hey girls.  im now 7 weeks post my lletz procedure for removal of cin3 cells.  Im due my coloscopy review appointment in the beginning of june and I am also a bit worried that the cells have come back.  My main worry is that if the cells come back and i have to get lletz carried out again, that i may have difficulties carrying a baby in the future.  I have no children at the minute but would absolutely love to have children in the future.  I normally dont think about it too much as I know there is nothing much i can do between now and june but it is a niggling worry at the back of my mind at times.  since ive had my lletz ive been really looking after myself with eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise.  Im just trying to focus on myself and taking care of my body.  And hopefully, fingers crossed, the results from my 6 month appointment will come back ok.