6 month check good news

I just came on to share my good news, my latest 6 month smear results came back showing normal smear and negative for hpv :) and I'm being discharged back to my gp for rountine recall. I'm really happy but nervous about being discharged to my gp because of my history, I might ring and make sure I shouldn't be on yearly checks but what a relief I was after preparing myself to be going through it all again.

Great news sunnyday:-) you are in the same boat as me with being a little nervous of going back to 3 yearly tests it seems an awful long time. I have decided to go private for one next year then I will wait the two years if all OK for the NHS one :-)

Thanks Debs, I think I might do the same and look into having one done privately next year, I never thought I'd be volunteering for a smear test lol.