6 month check - can I decide what happens to my results?

Hi all,


haven't been on here in a while but the 6 months is up since I had my LLETZ in September and I know I'm supposed to get checked out.  does anyone know if I can just have the results sent to me and not referred to my Hospital? i want to make my own arrangements if I need further treatment (which I'm worried is likely since I've had post-coital bleeding again).

So if anyone knows where I can find out my rights on this topic please let me know, ta x


Hi Angry-frog, I dont know about your rights regarding arrangements for treatment but I might be able to put your mind at rest a little about the bleeding. I had lletz back in Sept after which they confirmed severe cin3. I had my 6 month follow up yesterday, I had post coital bleeing and random bleeding off and on since my treatment and was convinced I would need further treatment. Turned out all the strange bleeing was being caused by a cervical ectropian, which I think is a result of the lletz although the nurse tried to imply it may not be. anyhow she treated it with silver nitrate which was more painful than having the lletz done :(

I am now back to no sex for a couple of weeks, the awful wait for smear results and I think I may buy shares in Always!

I hope you get sorted out soon 

Hi angry frog, I hope you're well! I remember seeing posts from you at the same time I was having my treatment (/small mental breakdown haha) unfortunately I don't have a hard and fast answer for you, but if you know/trust the nurse who did your smear, you could book an appointment with her to have a chat and ask her about it? Alternately you could try the ask the expert on here? I'm sure I remember something in the news recently about offering patients choices about where they get treated...maybe that's for things like hip replacements though! Don't think we're quite there yet! Let us know what you find out, and good luck with your check up!! x x x 


I've just had my check up!! 

You can ask your doc to refer you to another hospital - my Dr said she would as we were both unhappy with the wait between my biopsy and my actual treatment time. In the end I decided to go privately. So there are def options but you need to speak to your GP

I got my results thro and cancelled my appointments with the hosp I had been referred to without any hassle at all


Thank you all for your responses, 


I usually get smears done at my local sexual health clinic (bit more private than my GP surgery) so I don't always see the same person. I'm off to get my coil checked tomorrow to rule that out as a cause. 

Niki, I appreciate you sharing your experience and I hope you are now on the mend?


Becky and Hula i remember  you from your posts! Lol, it's crazy how much this thing messes with your head (even if you are usually sane - mostly ;-) )


Anne, that is a very sensible answer, I suppose I thought that 6 months on things should be all healed down there. I hope you stay well x

Well...... just come from my check-up And the nurse was unable to find my coil strings so I've been referred for an ultrasound to see if its still there!

How much bad luck can a person have before they just explode!!

on the plus side if it was disturbed during LLETZ it may explain the odd bleeding :-( I'm so fed up, I was really looking forward to some holiday 'fun' with Mr Frog next week but I can't take the chance i might end up in the club again.

Oh frog that is pants!!! You'll have to faff with condoms :( at least then you can have 'safe' fun? Although I don't envy that, they make me feel all bloated afterwards :( at least that may explain the bleeding like you said x x x