6 month check after lettz operation

Hi all,

I had my first smear last year and it came back abnormal cells, after going to have a colloscopy i was sin 3 catogory. After having the lettz operation i have had my six month smear test and it has come back with abnormal cells again and with hpv infection. I am now waiting to have another colloscopy which is mind worrying as having to wait upto 14 days for a date to be posted through my door. Was seeing if anyone else been in the same boat as me and what was the next step of treatment again.


Hi there, I've been in your position, I went on to have another lletz. My next 6 month check is coming up next month and I'm hoping I get a normal one this time and that the hpv will be gone. You can have a few lletz treatments (i've never heard of more than 3) and if it persists after that I think they look at hysterectomy, hopefully I'll just need the 2 lletz and maybe yours will just be cin 1 and you mightn't even need another one. I know how you're feeling though it hit me hard when my 6 month came back abnormal. I rang up when i got the letter and managed to get a cancellation for the next day, that might be worth a try if you're feeling very anxious. Good luck :)