5wk post op update


thought I'd put an update out there for what I can/can't do 5week post op.

well, all scars healing nicely. Feel itching and funny feelings inside still so that must all be knitting away nicely too! I still have big bruise on left hand size that's been there since hospital!!! Must say, I'm putting on weight... :-( this doesn't help me feel good at all. But am eating well (ish) with muesli, lots of water, veg, etc. just got to put up with being a size bigger for now, can't blame it all on swelly belly...

im walking everyday for an hour or so (just done 1hr 20 mins so having a sit down!) which makes me feel better in the mind and body. I'm sleeping in each day until 8-8.30 still so body obviously needs this! I can make simple meals, wash up, fold washing, tidy up fine now just not lifting heavy things, hoovering, putting washing out. Not driving yet but not too bothered about that for a couple more weeks. Just can't wait until my bath next week!! Missed so so much!!

ive started a 5 wk sophrology course to help with breathing, focusing, clearing the mind and positive thinking as was really having trouble focusing and mind was such a jumble after all this... It's good. I have a MP3 player with a few breathing/visualisations on it which I try to do most days and I'm starting to be able to focus more as this was a big problem post op, not even being able to focus on a film or book...

definitely not ready to go back to work though as I do get incredibly tired by tea time and belly gets swollen still. i teach 7yr olds and am assistant head who was working 12 hr days, stopping at 10-10.30 every night except Saturday and I know there is no way I am ready for that yet!! Don't know if I will ever be ready for it again as it has been slowly killing me the past couple of years. Need to reassess life.

dr was pleased with me (GP), he actually told me not to rush myself and expect too much, reminding me that if was a number of yrs ago (or still parts of Europe) then would be sent to seaside to convalesce for 3 months and that isn't the same as sitting at home for 6 wks, convalescing means away from all the trials and tribulations of day to day life in the home and focus on healing the body and mind. I could have done with that in half term instead of looking after a couple of 6yr olds... I was exhausted (no way I can do a class of 30 yet then!!)

anyway, hope thats of help to some of u ladies a few weeks behind me. After week 2 I really started to heal well. I hope ur all doing well!

dons xxx


well done on getting this far.

For me it was heartening to read how you feel at 5 weeks, i'm at 11 weeks and not back at work yet, i did feel a bit of a failure not going back at the allotted 6 weeks.  However this half term has shown that i'm not ready - absolutely exhausted by Thursday!

And I believe all of us reassess what's important now, i know for me that living through CC is a game changer.

take it easy



It makes me feel better than at 11 weeks that u are still off work!!! I think I've more or less sorted in my head that I will not return to work until after Christmas now. When do you plan to go back? What do you do?


Good to read this Dons! I can’t remember if you had keyhole or abdominal?!

I’m just past week 3 but feeling pretty good, I’ve not been walking as much as I would have liked due to having bladder/kidney infection and a nasty cold, both knocked me for 6 so been resting up lots! Went for a dog walk today over a slightly hilly field and was walking at my usual pace so pleased with that. All my scars are healing nicely, can still see stitches waiting to come out but must be patient. I’ve also gained weight, but can fit into normal knickers and my skinny jeans still so to keep it in check I’ve signed up to weightwatchers online otherwise I will not stop eating biscuits!

Had a check up on thurs and they said I have lymphoedema in my right thigh and groin so gutted about that, waiting for an appointment with the specialist nurses. The consultant told me I can have a bath now…I’m presuming not the bubbly kind I want haha. I’m just finding it difficult with regards to lifting, I feel as though I’m able to but obviously not doing it as I don’t want to hurt myself. I have 3 more days of injections, I cannot wait to not have to do that!

Hope you’ve had a good weekend!

J xx

Matey, so sorry to hear about the Lymphedema... It's what we all dread. I hope they've caught it early and can sort it out to keep its affects at bay. I must admit, I have followed all the advice from hospital to avoid it, including electric razor. 

Not there with skinny jeans lol!!! They are hidden in wardrobe, not been worn since end of August (May be end of next August when they come out next!!) even leggings hurt my belly as anything on them rubs my groin which is still swollen and feels like pins and needles, along with inner left thigh. This gets worse as day goes by (horrible at the moment, so have legs up).

hope u get out walking bit more this week. we've been to Snipedales today for lovely walk through trees collecting acorns. Tomorrow is suppose to be bright and crisp, perfect for walking!

hope cold has gone!! Xxx


Hoorah to end of injections!!! Mine made me bruise and the last few I had really hurt... (Belly was swollen though as was walking a lot and out and about with daughter on half term).

jealous about bath! Mt consultant had said 6 wks so I thought I'd sneakily ask GP and it said definitely not til 6weeks so have a few more days to wait...

Hmmm maybe I will hold off the bath! Confusing or what!

Same here, bought an electric razor :frowning: it’s a small area so not too bad, but after everything else just could have done without it. I can’t see I could have done anything differently, bad luck I guess. I’ve caught it early though so fingers crossed it doesn’t worsen.

I have to say the main reason I stopped wearing my big knickers was because they were pulling on my scar by my belly button, ouchy! Got some lovely bruises from the injections, can’t go near my left side now because they make my eyes water on that side haha.

Yes hopefully lots more walks this week, daughter is back to play school for the morning on Tuesday and Thursday so intend to do a few long walks then.

Cold has gone yay! Enjoy your walk tomorrow!! Xx

HI Dons, you're doing so well!


I'm 4 weeks post trachelectomy/lymph node removal today. I  didn't receive any advice/tips about preventing lymphadema, can anyone give me anymore detail on that please?

I'm nowhere near being back in my skinny jeans! Even when I'm having a less swollen day, I know my jeans would sit right on my scar (abdominal trach). I bought some maternity leggings as they don't have a seam running down the front and won't irritate me. I still can't do any lifting - well I can but I can feel my body saying "nope!"

I'm feeling a lot more flexible and mobile, I've managed to go for a couple of nights out and things that I would normally do so that's good. My tummy still feels numb and the pins and needles sensation you described! I think I might be able to go back to work in a few weeks but I'll have to take it easy. I'm getting a bit of back/hip pain as I think I am over compensating, as I can't use my abdominal muscles, I'm using the surrounding muscles more than usual.

My scar is healing so well, I was really concerned that it would be big and ugly but it's not. The human body is amazing!