5weeks on and still waiting mdt outcome...

Hi Ladies, just wondered how long any of you had to wait for an outcome following a mdt (multi disciplinary meeting)?

Ive been waiting 5 weeks so far, trying not too think about it too much, but its getting increasingly harder

Thanks x 

Hi Mel

Can't really answer your question, but all I know is they meet once a month. I am waiting for my results to be discussed as well and I was told it would be next month even though the doctor said the the biopsy showed precancerous cells and she is confident she has removed it all, but they going to discuss at next MDT meeting to make sure I am getting the right treatment...which they told me would be a smear in 6 months...it's the waiting that's the worse, but hope you hear something soon x

Good luck

Helen x

Hey peach melba

Where are you being seen? Do you have a macmillian nurse contact? I was seen in Queen Charlottes London.  They had the most every Friday and the macmillian nurse rang me on that evening to let me know the outcome. So my mri was Monday and mdt Friday of that week...some for my operations. 

Could you contact the Colposcopy clinic? Waiting is hell.

Best wishes


Thank you ladies for your replies, I did think as much - just a waiting game :-/ just getting ever so impatient.

To be fair I dont even know if the meeting has taken place yet, its just been 5 weeks since receiving my letter with results from my biopsy and being told my results will be discussed at an mdt, reason being my colposcopist thought she saw high grade precancerous cells, but biopsy came back normal. They did no lletz at the time as she told me that these cells were high up within my cervical canal and that it would be better to be gotten rid of under general anaesthetic much less painfull. So now im left hanging with having these unwanted cells if at all and wether I will need an op or not now or wether they say im fine as the biopsy shows :-/ They did mention on the letter my health is not at risk in any way whilst I wait, so that is some reassurance but may give them a call monday though.

I havnt been assigned one Michelle as they dont know what is wrong with me if anything yet, sorry I wasn't more clearer.

I hope your wait wont be too long Helen and I am pleased to read you are all clear Michelle.



I'm no doctor but they wouldn't leave you hanging on so long if it was anything serious. I had a cancer diagnosis hence why it was all so quick. If I were you I would give them a ring in the clinic to check what is happening  for your own peace of mind. Also the letter stating no risk to your health is another positive. 

Best wishes 



Thank you again Michelle for your kind words. 

I telephone the hospital to be told they were holding the mdt wednesday (just gone) and that if I didnt hear anything in a few weeks to telephone for my results. They seemed to be as helpful as they could be and told me if I was worried or didnt understand anything then they would quote happily get a consultant to contact me reagrding this.

I am positive if it was anything worth worrying about I would have been seen by now, so sticking with the no news is good news motto and not worrying myself :-) 

Just really want to know what they plan to do and waiting for that is the hardest part x 

Finally had my results of the mdt today and happy to see I am going back in for repeat smear and colposcopy :D