5 wks down

Just finished my 5 weeks of chemo/rads start my bracky on Tuesday am feeling a little scared :( more about how I will feel when I wake up from ga any advice lady's heard so many storys I no every one is differant think am looking for a bit of support thanks lady's xxx

Hi. Congrats on completing radio and chemo. I finished treatment in March, after being diagnosed with stage 2b cc, with lymph node involvement. I was terrified of the Braccy, but having it is nowhere near as bad. Like you I started on a Tuesday, then had my next one on the Thursday, then tues if following week. You are under ga for a short time. When you wake up, it is uncomfortable but not unbearable. Make sure you have as much pain relief as you need. I had morphine and it really did help. Catheter felt a little strange. Are you having an mri and ct whilst rods in place? I did and it was fine. Probably the worst part is removing the rods after the actual radiotherapy has been done. I had pethidine beforehand and gas and air and that helps. The first one is definitely the worst as you don't know what to expect. The next are much easier, honestly!! I was fine to go home about an hour after the rods were removed. Good luck. Please feel free to message me if you have anything else you want to know xx

Well done Cvs, one last hurdle and your treatment will be complete - how good is that !!

keep being strong, good luck and big hugs xxxx

Hi becky,

I will be having my Brachy treatment in 3 weeks, and just like Cvs I am very nervous. Can you please advise how long each Hospital visit was ?

Thankyou and best wishes for the future xxxx

Hi Diane. I think each hospital does Braccy differently. In my case, I had anaesthethic first thing, then mri and ct scan. I was then taken back onto the ward, and they then collected me for the actual radiotherapy when the planning was done, about 4pm . The actual treatment only takes 15 mins, it is the scanning etc which takes time. Normally I was in theatre for 8 am ish and home for 6pm ish.  I hope this helps. Ask as many questions as you need, I am happy to help :) xx



Yes Becky I think my treatment is the same as yours I suffer with terrible back pain since haveing my children so am not looking forward to laying flat for hours :( thanks for your reply xxx

Hi Cvs,

Well done on getting thus far :-)


Hi Becky

That's really interesting about your brachy - I always understood that there were two different ways to have brachy; one took several hours and was done usually overnight and the other about 15 mins from start to finish. I had the 15 minute version, no anaeshetic, no painkillers, no scans, just hop up onto the couch, in with the rods and away you go. It's really interesting to read about your apparently third variant.

Be lucky :-)


Hi Tivoli. I am under a hospital in Coventry, I think this is a more advanced way of doing the treatment. They admit you the night before, you have anaesthetic first thing, you are then woken up for MRI and CT scans, and then the radiotherapy is done once the planning is finished. It's a long day, but the scans allow them to check the rods are in correctly and that they haven't pierced the uterus. It also means that they can see the rods are as near to the tumour as possible, and can also give an idea of how the treatment has worked so far. :) x

Hi All

I had Brachy over 3 days so it was very uncomfortable.  My advise would be to ask for an epidural at the start (I didnt have this for the planning session and I found it quite painful).  I had the epidural for the 3 days flat and they topped me up when necessary and this got me through it.  Pain free is the best way!!

Good luck!  Its a fantastic treatment so well worth it. 


Ps.  CVS they do allow you to sit up a little, you are not completely flat which helps xx

Thanks for explaining Becky - I had no uterus and less than half a vagina left by the time I had mine so no need to see if they were in the exact right place as the tumour had already been removed.

Be lucky :-)


We'll I had my first bracky and can say it was not that bad I had some back pain from laying flat for hours only bit of pain I felt was when thay took rods out but it was a quick ouch :( xxx

Hi Cvs,

1st session over - brilliant well done, I am so pleased it wasn't too bad ...... almost finished !!

Good luck and best wishes xxxx

Hi ladies

just been catching up on all your latest posts.  I am now on week 5 last chemo was yesterday and just the daily radiotherapy to go this week, MRI booked for this afternoon and Brachy booked for next Monday, have been told my version will be hospital for 7am Monday and all sessions will be spread over 3 days so hopefully home again Wednesday evening.  After discussing the actual brachy with the hospital staff I do feel better about the way things have been planned.  It does appear that each area have a different way of dealing with things.  Hope to be able to update you all when its over x