5 Weeks Post treatment

Hello all - I am 28 years old and after some support/advice or just a general chat with anyone going through a similar situation - i was diagnosed with Stage 2b in July and finished treatment of Chemo and Radio 5 weeks ago - i havent had surgery which i can't seem to find anyone that has just had Radio/chemo..

I am wondering if anyone is using the dialators that were given to me from the nurse specialist? I got these last week and am freaking out. Also i haven't had sex yet as I''m petrified i've shrunk. i was wondering if anyone is in the same boat at all?

thanks for your time x

Hi Cervy

Don't worry, you're not alone!  There are plenty of us having had chemorads and no surgery.  Well done getting through your treatment, I had the same treatment as you for stage 2b and finished mine in July.  I found it a difficult time in those first couple of months - not knowing what to expect or what was a 'normal' side effect of the treatment.  I was given a set of dilators 2 weeks after finishing the brachy and began with the smallest size, building up to the next size up with loads of KY jelly over a couple of weeks.  I was told by the hosp not to worry too much about using the biggest one!  they are scary to start with but I have now  been using them about 2 - 3 times a week.  Feel free to PM me if you want a chat anytime. Ang x


Hey Ang, thanks so much for your reply. how did your final scan go? I take it you got the all clear now? Yes i got 4 size dialators and i'm nervous that i'm only up to the second one so it's good to know they said it's ok not to use the biggest haha. I think it will get heaps easier, it's just scary at the start..I'm about to start HRT as well - did you take this? and if so, did you find it helped? Thanks again x

Hi again

I've been on HRT for 2 months, its helping with the joint aches and hot flushes have gone.  Do you know what sort of HRT you will be on? Have you had any joint aches?  I'm on Tibolone instead of the oestrogen only HRT.  HRT has helped with the dryness 'down there' too!  My hosp is one of those that doesn't routinely do scans.  But my scan before brachy indicated it had gone!  So all is looking positive. Next check up is in Dec, so fingers crossed for then.  Ang x

Yes joints ache constantly and hot flushes are getting much worse - but have an appointment to start next week so looking forward to that. I don't know which one I'll be on, but will find out more on Tues. I know it sounds stupid but I don't know if I am dry down there..? Is this something i would definitely know would be happening? I have an achey tight feeling but it's not dry to look at?

I'm so happy your scan showed it had gone - that is such great news. I didn't know you could get a scan before brachy - there are so many different ways of doing things! My scan is in 5 weeks - eek! Good luck for december! xx

Sorry to hear you are suffering with joints too.  Am thinking about trying yoga.  Dryness can be a menopausal symptom but prob doesn't effect everyone.   MRI scan before brachy was part of the planning process but like you say, each hosp has their own way of doing things.  Thanks so much for your good wishes, let us know how you get on with your scan.  Good luck xx

ask ypur doctor for a prescription of replens and use it with the dilator. it helps with vaginal dryness

Hi I'm a 2b girl to and was diagnosed in March and finish my treatment in May.  My aches and pains have just about eased i still get my hot flushes though! lol I only started my HRT a month ago Climagest.  Please use your dilator it does do the what its supposed to, and you do notice a difference when you don't use it.  I only noitced when I didn't use it for about 3 weeks and I bled a bit after.  Ref the sex I did it just to get if over and done with lol!   I was scared stiff and it did take quite a while after my treatment had finished don't be worried either if you do bleed after as I did up unitl 3 months after my treatment had finished which is normal.


I go back for my MRI next Tuesday and for my results on the 13th Nov 6 Months afer my treatment so my fingers are crossed!


Good luck with everything and if you need to ask anything don't hesitate.