5 weeks post op.. am I expecting too much?

I had my lletz done nov 11th, they told me it was possible cc but the results came back cin1... yes relief just not even start to describe how I felt.  Thing is I am still bleeding,  not a huge amount, but a pad a day jobby. I'm uncomfortable all the time and when I run I feel sharp pain.  I went back to my hectic job a week after the lletz but just feel very down and fed up of constantly taking pain killers and not feeling normal.  Am I expecting too much?  Much love xxx

It does take a while!

i think it was about 6 weeks before I felt I had really recovered. I felt much better after I had my first bath!

take it easy with the running!

hugs (and congrats!)

Molly xxx

Thanks mollz :) I am bloody impatient at times.  Wishing you a fab Christmas sweetie xxx

Definitely give it time! Because they said 4-6 weeks recovery I expected to be totally back to normal at 6 weeks. I actually had a sharp pain in my vagina and tummy cramps for nearly 10-12 weeks.

Just remember, if somebody had cut a lump of flesh that size out of your arm you would expect it to take a long time for the wound to heal xx

Yes, second KayM s reply, just approaching 8 weeks myself, still the odd sharp pain and twinge every now and again.