5 weeks completed

Hi lovely ladies,

just to let you know that I have completed 5 weeks of treatment, and the finish line is in sight !!

I had my last Chemo treatment today, but was told that I will need a blood transfusion on Monday which will take 5 - 6 hours !

My Rads finish on Wednesday, and then my Brachy treatment will be Thursday, Friday, and the following Thursday -  NEARLY DONE AT LAST !!

Thanks a million for all your positive advice and support, and I will keep you posted.

Best wishes and Big Hugs xxxxx


Well done Diane :-)

Hope you have a relaxing weekend and the remaining treatments aren't too taxing for you.

Be lucky :-)


Well done Diane, we are roughly at the same stage, my rads finished Friday and I am booked in for Brachy Monday with a 2 night stay in hospital and hopefully home Wednesday evening, slightly different set up but the end result is the same.

Keep well over the weekend and rest x