5 weeks and still no results!

Hi guys


I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I have had 3 smears in the past 18 months and was referred to the Colposcopy clinic as a result. I had my Colposcopy on 31 July which I can only describe as one of the most awful times in my life! I really struggled emotionally and the pain whilst biopsies were taken were horrific.  I was not offered any anaesthetic despite her saying I would if I found it too painful.  I was in that much pain, the shock crept in and I could not speak despite the nurse trying to distract me by asking stupid questions! (felt really rude but just could not speak!).  My partner's face when the procedure was finally over and the curtain was opened said it all! He was as white as a ghost and immediately gave me a cuddle which hekped soothe me :) Afterwards, my partner did say, that it was horrible to hear me in pain however, I was so glad he was there with me! I would not advise to go on your own as I really appreciated the support of having a loved one with me.

The gynacologist said that she thinks I have CIN 2 however, the results will clarify this and that I will definetly need further treatment! I don't think I could go through the pain again and I am really REALLY scaared/nervous about this.

So its now nearly 5 weeks on and I still don't have my results and I am really panicking! Should I phone the hospital or what should I do?!

Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thank You

Sam xxx 


If they have said you need treatment, and never gave you an appt. I would phone them up and see whats going on!! Or if that fails ring your GP as he/she should of been notified on whats happened and going to happen!!

Best of luck :) x


So sorry you had such an awful time :(

When I had my Colposcopy they didn't tell me what they'd found but did say I would need treatment. I got my letter with my results and treatment appointment after around 6 weeks.

I know it's awful to go through it again but once you get your results, if you do need treatment you could ring them and ask them to do it under general? At the very least you will get local anaesthetic for treatment so the pain shouldn't be as bad. I originally went to have my treatment under local but when I got there they said the area was too large so needed to be done under general. I said to the doctor I was really glad because I really didn't want it under local and he said I should have called when I was given my appointment and they could have put me under general anyway so it'd be well worth asking if it was so painful with you for the colposcopy.

Maybe give the hospital a call about your results and see if they have any news. I know they told me 6-8 weeks for results so they might not have them just yet. The likelihood is if it was anything more advanced than cin2 or 3 then you would have heard by now so try not to worry too much (stupid statement I know)

Good luck and let us know how you get on xx

I've just returned from hospital after having LLETZ under General. I'm too woozy to type more but promise to reply tomorrow. I couldn't mentally do the procedure under local and was also very upset. This today was much much bette. X type more tomorrow x

Hi there , Im back in the land of the living today.

I was frantic from the moment I received news that my smear was abnormal. After a couple of telephone calls with the GP who trikes to reassure me that everyone would be fine and I should wait to hear from the Coloscopy appointment. I did explain at the time that if the procedure was to be done whilst I was awake I really didn't think I would be able to get through it. I was advised it would be awake and that the procedure would be relatively quick. 

Appointment day came and I was told that they expected to see high grade CGIN and that they would see and treat now. I signed the form, sat in the chair , legs in stirrups and then continued to have a complete break down in the chair, sobbing uncontrollably. They did put the dye on and they did take two biopsies which I struggled with and then agreed that the procedure should take place under a GA. I totally understand what you are going through. Some ladies on here seem much braver than me. 


Unfortunately after 3 weeks of waiting no appointment had arrived. I took the initiative and rang the consultant secretary.... Seemed I had slipped through the system and someone should have been in contact. They asked me to come in the following day for a pre op and then made by appointment for 4 days later. I attended clinic and had the LLETZ under GA... marvellous! The anathetetist looked me in the face and told me not to worry I was in very safe hands...... Next think I'm in the recovery room and having a cup of tea. Procedure done and other than woozy feeling good. 

I've a long way to go and will be waiting for the results to come back to see what else I might need doing...but feeling relieved that I don't have to do the op awake.  

If I were you I would telephone the numbers you have and chase your appointment and ask for the procedure under GA unless you have grown in confidence since your last appointment.

big love to you, hope you get sorted.