5 weeks after LLETZ treatment

Hello :) I am new to this forum and i just wanted to voice my feelings really and see if anyone out there has been experiencing the same as me (which I know is difficult as everyone is different)


I had my treatment around 5 weeks ago and everything so far appears to have healed nicely and no more discharge etc. For the past week or so I have felt strange in that 'area' when i sit cross legged on the floor or in certain positions, almost as if i can feel my actual cervix by just sitting there.


This sounds weird i know! But assuming this is what this forum is for :)


Anyone had similar? 

Hi there, I havent experienced this after lletz but my prolapse gives me a similar sensation sometimes, it could be down to swelling but after 5 weeks would have thought that stage would have passed by now. Might be worth getting it checked out if it carries on as it could be a sign of infection.