5 month check


Feeling a bit anxious as I have my second ‘3 month’ check up tomorrow. During the first one, the consultant had a general feel inside and checked my scar was healing. It all seemed to be over in 10 mins.

Should I expect the same tomorrow?

I have generally been fit and well although my incision scar has been infected twice post op.

Is it usual to have repeat MRI or CT scans at any point?

Thank you

Hi Megandog

The check ups vary from hospital to hospital - I had a vault smear at 6 months and 18 months and a MRI at 12 months and 2 years.  However, not that many places do vault smears and it's down to the consultant.  Other places do CT scans instead of MRI's and others just do internal checks.

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow, let us know how you get on.



Hiya :-)

It's always an anxious time in the run-up to a follow-up exam. As Cheryl says, what form the exam takes varies hugely from place to place. On the one hand some people think that a CT or MRI scan is more 'thorough' but on the other hand those tend to show up all sorts of perfectly innocent changes which then need to be investigated causing more anxiety.

Do tell us what happens :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thanks all - fingers crossed.  x

Yay - appointment went really well with everything looking good down below.

I may need a minor op to remove a problematic stitch if I get an infection in the incision wound again but that's it.

Next review in March when I will have a CT scan

Lovely news for Christmas.