5.4cm mass found..please help x

Hello, and sorry we all meet like this x
I started my period on 1 june and the bleeding was so bad i had to stay on the loo almost all night & wear 4 pads…huge clots. I went to the dr on monday and severely anaemic, 75, but had to wait to see female dr midweek. She said she found my womb was very enlarged and so was my cervix and sent for urgent scan…done sat.
I asked outright if it was cancerous looking as he started looking at kidneys…panic…he said i needed urgent MRI and biopsy …saw dr monday and referral sent…ovaries look currently clear but 5.4cm mass on cervix and I’m still bleeding and in lots of pain plus lots of liquid.
I could smack myself as I now realise I’ve been showing symptoms for over a year but i thought it was menopause or because my life’s been very stressful losing my mum to pancreatic cancer and being made homeless for 20 months by neighbour/builder…long story :slight_smile:
I’m very scared, as we all are, I know. I am totally alone and have two children, one with autism. There really is no one to help them and because she is 22, there will be little help for her. The other one is 15 and doing GCSE’s. When I was caring for my mum, all my friends drifted away, even though I didn’t moan to them or anything so my girls may be totally alone if this is as bad as it looks.
Just wanted to reach out,
Clare x

Hi Clare:

So sorry that you are dealing with all this, but glad that you have found us.

What a tough time you've had these past few years.  I'm so sorry about your mum. I'm sure that it meant the world to her that you were there with her throughout her illness. Caring for someone you love when they are ill is tough and stressful, especially when you have so much else on your plate.

Loads of us on here didn't take notice of symptoms because, as you say, there are tons of reasons why things could be happening and women are notorious for putting themselves last. If our kids had a problem we'd have them at the doctor's in a flash, yet we put off our own stuff because there's never enough time/we're too busy/not enough cash/whatever. So don't you dare beat yourself up about not getting to this sooner. You're dealing with it now and that's what's important.

Whatever is going on with you can be treated. The first step is for the doctors to work out what's happening right now, which is what they're doing with the tests and all.  Try not to leap ahead with doom and gloom. I know that's hard or almost impossible to do, but really try to rein yourself in. One step at a time. There are women on here who can jump in with support and advice irrespective of how you are diagnosed.  Loads of positive stories.

We're all here with support so jump on and chat whenever you feel like it. Could you try reaching out to your old pals, family, mums of kids' friends to reconnect? Some friendly faces around could help no end.

Take care

t xx


Hello Teresa and thank you for replying. Im so glad to see you are clear!! Im genuinely happy to see it xxx

Everything you say makes sense but I know that this is a really large mass so will be way past stage 1/2 or I dont want to think. The way ive been feeling makes me know that this affecting me in a bad way as I cant see very well and am sleeping in the day which I never do and I'm not even on any treatment. 

The hospital have said that there will be no clinics until 24th June and that seems so long off as I feel so stuffed inside and the pain is increasing but this could be the iron tablets too but it's uncomfortable to sit..I keep thinking I can feel it growing but I know this is me panicking and I need to get a grip. I'm getting paperwork sorted so the girls will know how the huse runs. I know I'm doing worse case scenario but I dont want to feel too ill to do it if/when I need to..than kyou for understanding..it's a hell of a lonely and uncettain time..just wish i knew now. xx

Hi Clare. Mine was 5cm and still stage 1 as it was confined to the cervix so there is every chance it could still be an early stage. Have a look on the info part of this site x it is completely normal to think worst case! I'm coming up 2 years clear now xxx

Hello Helsweld and thank you for taking the time to share and reply. I do hope so. 2 Years! So very pleased! Could I be personal and ask about your symptoms as I feel about elephant sized pregnant and this is making me worried plus I have lots of back pain and more pain especially on left lower pelvis side. I understand if you dont want to share..sorry typing this in bits as girls wandering around xx

I had no symptoms at all until I fell pregnant with my baby boy, and scans revealed the mass :-( I even had a normal vaginal birth at home less than two years prior. My little man was lost during my operation at nearly 19 weeks, but he saved my life by letting me know the mass was there! No pain, no bleeding, no discharge prior xxx

O Helsweld, I'm so sorry ..that makes things so much harder to bear. It feels as if everything is sent at once and no time to cope. I have just phoned the clinic to see if there is any news as I feel about to burst and the pain is getting worse. I keep hoping its the iron tablets but its right under the ribs and back and sides...i wish i had the money to get the colcoscopy but then there might be a furthe wait for an MRI...its at this point that its frustrating when people abuse the NHS x