4th Colpo Tomorrow - New Symptoms

Hi, All:) I am going in tomorrow for my 4th colpo and since I always need biopsies and ECC, I know I will need them again. I have had new symptoms of something and wonder if any of you have had these>>> I am 50 and am in perimenopause (I still have my periods) and notice the last few months that my cervix feesl like it is almost dilating. So weird. I also notice a yucky dull ache in my pelvis and i notice the left inside of my anus gets odd feelings sometimes. This all started a few months ago. I dont bleed with sex, but I have had tiny spots of pink rarely. I almost feel like there is something up in there or it is 'off' inside somehow, but my doc didn't say anything during my pap and hpv test last month. I am tired a LOT now and just drained. My hip hurts at night, but any or all of this is put off as 'perimenopause' signs, but many are also scary signs to me. I have had the high risk hpv18 for four years now and doc said it should have been gone in two max.