40 years old results show CIN 2 please help with advice

dear Sisters

i am 40 and noticed some changes so I had a Pap smear. The doctor didn't explain much and I live over seas so sometimes a language barrier. I am being sent for biops. I have lots to learn about this now and don't know what questions to ask? I am beyond scared and feeling very alone. I also don't know too much of the HPV. Any advice welcomed.

she told me it's not cancer but if they do the biopsy could they still find cancer or is the pap reliabl? 

Thanks in advance and sending you all my love

Hi. First of all the pap is not reliable to be honest, some ladies will have a biopsy and have a totally different result to the pap. The pap doesn't decide what level of CIN is there, the actual biopsy will do that. The pap will look at the cells through the microscope and see if the cells look abnormal, if you've been told your smear result is CIN 2 then they are basically saying you have borderline / mild changes in the size / shape of the cells therefore they need a biopsy to closer look at the actual changes to determine what CIN level you have. The biopsy is just as easy as the smear, the doc will tell you to cough and they will take a tiny piece for analysis. If they find CIN 1 then They will monitor you 6 months later with another smear. If they find CIN 2 or 3 then they will treat you will a lletz procedure to take a larger biopsy (all the bad cells) this is also not as bad as it may sound. The fact that they have picked it up on your smear means they will stay on top of it now so don't worry too much. The bad cells are caused by the hpv virus, it's a family of virus's they are numbered. some hpv strains cause some problems like warts, and other strains cause cervical cancer. The cervical cancer ones are called high risk hpv. This is contracted through sex, yet you may of contracted it 20 years ago and your body has fought the virus until now it's decided to appear. It only affects women but the men will pass it on. It isn't looked upon as a dirty Sti so please do not feel like it's a bad thing. 80% of the adult population have a strain at least. We just happen to have this bloody one :/ your biopsy will tell you all you need to know, but even if it's CIN 2 or 3 they treat it and it can totally go, I had the treatment in March last year for CIN 2 and 3 and Iv been brill since, normal smears n my hpv has gone (it can come back as its a virus your immune system suppresses it) but like I say, you can be treated and then monitored and be totally fine xxx


That was really helpful and you have no idea how relieved that someone answered my post.

I think my 1st biggest fear is that the Dr kept saying its not Cancer.... but then i read this can only be truly seen if a biopsy and it is too late (sorry my head is spinning).

I will see her today and i hope she will give me a good plan of action

My 2nd worry is that i just re married and although i have 3 beautiful children, my husband has never been a father and since we met it has been clear to me that this is something he wants more than anything. So when we got this news he was very upset.

(a few hours later as i didn’t finish this e mail)

So i saw the doctor and under GA they want to do a cone biopsy? She described it will be a large slice off my cervix and this will go for testing.....

She said something about the tests showing high grade.

So i guess i will get this done next week

Thanks again x

If you are being treated on the nhs, you are entitled (I think) to an interpreter. You should also be able to get any leaflets or advice in your native language. If you aren't clear about anything, I woild call the hospital and ask for somebody who speaks your native language to be present at the consolation. 



Hope it all goes well




im native british so no issues with language. I just moved to Dubai for work. So I'm not with the nhs. I wish I was as I am struggling to pay and now they are saying I may need another operation if they don't get all in the first.

she told me if I don't sort this out it may change soon. What is high grade leisions?

im feeling sick as I also read people have back pain and pelvic when they have cc. Well I'm getting all these symptoms. 


So basically the biopsy result was "high grade lesions" which will either be CIN3 or CGIN. CGIN  is the same as CIN 3, yet CGIN affects the glandular cells rather than the CIN which affects the surface or the cervix cells. The cgin is found more in the canal of the cervix and that's why they want to do a cone biopsy, this biopsy is in the shape of a cone so that they extract the bad cells from the canal. 

in ref to the pregnancy worries, you only have a certain amount of cervix, by them doing lletz or cone biopsys they are taking away mm/cm at a time, make sure you tell your doc that your considering having more children. Please don't take offence but if your over 40 they may assume your family is complete and so because of that they may take more cervix away as in their eyes you may not "need it". If that makes sense. If you tell them then they can monitor how much they take away. You will need a stitch in youf cervix in your next pregancey to strengthen your cervix. So be sure to tell the midwIves you've had a cone biopsY. Being the fact that they are saying its cin3 or CGIN you do need to have the procedure as soon as possible. Don't put it off for months or years I mean. Good luck xxx