4 years clear (even with Lymph node involvement)

Similar to many women who have, like me, received much help and support from Jo's cervical cancer trust, I wanted to come back on and relay my good news so that others with similar outlook and symptoms, could gain something positive from my CC treatment and history.

At the beginning of the whole scary process of diganosis and treatment, I feared life didn't look so good. Now nearly 4 years down the line, I've been discharged. 

Lymph node invoivement doesn't mean there's no hope or that the cancer will spread. 

I can't thank those on Jo's CC Trust enough and the ladies who shared their experiences. I could not find this kind of support anywhere else on the web or from medical professionals. Invaluable!

Thank you all. Laughing



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Congratulations jools on being a true survivor. The nicest thing to hear is hope that the turmoil will end. Thankyou for sharing. You must be ecstatic! Your good news will brighten many people's day. Xx

Thanks Bexter. Looks like you've had a similar journey of survival and glad to see you're in remission too. I definitely think that some of the online statistics are outdated and that the odds are much better than just 10 years ago. 

Have to say, I have done so many things because the illness makes you more time aware. My pension money has been spent going to Venice, Maldives 3 times, cycled Vietnam to Cambodia for Women v Cancer. Took a motorhome to Italy through the Alps, Skiing and lots and lots of other things too long to mention. I even got a dog!

The CC has defo made me enjoy life more. All the best to you for the furture and everyone else who reads this. I hope you all get through the awful period of the treatment and get to appreciate life more when you come out at the other side. xxx

What a wonderful post! So lovely to hear that you are 4 years clear and enjoying life so much!

For totally selfish reasons it’s loveky to hear that lymph node involvement hasn’t meant a reoccurrence for you! 

Wishing you well in the future x x

So good to read this, thank you for posting, and so pleased you are still all clear.

My large cervical tumour has gone but I'm left with an enlarged lymph node and a follow up Mri in March. I'm so worried it will spread but this has given me hope x


So brilliant to get your news. I too had lymph node involvement, 5 pelvic, and inspite of lymphoedema I'm pretty good. Love the idea of cycling for charity, especially in such an amazing place. You show that anything is possible. So well done, and keep on enjoying life.Smile


thankyou so much for taking time out to come back on and lift the spirits of everyone on this forum 

you are one true survivor love the fact that you have done all the stuff for charity and yourself 

fab post and congratulations on being discharged 

thanks again 

onwards and upwards 

love michelle xx 

Ah Jools, thank you so much for this. 

I'm coming up to my first annual MRI pelvis & abdominal scan (14 months after the treatment ended) and even though I've had a relatively straightforward recovery I've been getting really twitchy about every niggling bodily thing. I'm having 'what if my para-aortic nodes already fired off some.......?' nightmares, bleughhhh. The next month is going to involve a lot of hard work keeping my head in a sane place, I can't begin to express how helpful this post is. 

So glad to hear of your adventures, that's pretty much how I'm planning to deal with this.

Thank you again. Stay inspiring and inspired! 



This is the post I've always wanted to see. So delighted for you, and selfishly for me too as I have lymph node involvement and have searched and searched for long-term survival stories, and couldn't find them....thank you so much for posting as I'm sure there are lots of ladies like me who browse but maybe not confident enough to comment yet.....you are an inspiration xx

Thanks for this..hope means a lot. Off for my first 3 month check up in April and utterly terrified 



I had lymph node involvement in 5 nodes way back in 1997! More than 20 years ago!

I developed a new cancer last year as a result of the radiation but it isn't a recurrence.  

So 4 years is just the beginning! Keep rocking!

Karen x

What a lovely post. So glad to hear that you are doing so well!

Hi Jools! 

That's fantastic news and so lovely to read! It's nice to see stories from people on here which help to lift spirits. 

Congratulations xxx

Thanks for sharing you give me hope. About to start treatment on 3/27 stage 3 with paraortic lymph node involved. I hope to best this but I know the odds are against me