4 weeks since biopsy no results

Hey everyone.
I had to have biopsy’s on the 4th July due to a 2cm lesion found on my cervix.
My last smear 2 and a half years ago was normal. I firstly contacted the GP as I bleed during sex, she then referred me to the hospital. I know the NHS are under great pressure at the moment but I was told my results would be back after 2 weeks. I’m so worried if I have cancer this is delaying life saving treatment. I feel like I’m just a number but I’m a mum to a two year old little boy and a wife and my life do matter :frowning: I’m going out of my mind. I rung the secretary in tears yesterday and she said they have chased my results with the lab but along with 14 other people so it’s still going to be a while I bet.
I’ve been thinking I’ve been getting some pelvic pain but I don’t know if that’s just in my mind as I’m so anxious and I’ve noticed I’ve been urinating more or feeling pressure on my bladder which again I’ve convinced myself it’s a tumour pressing on it. I went to AnE in a state because I’ve been so worried and they ended up checking my cervix again and he said he couldn’t see anything on my cervix and i should stay positive. Ive also had my bloods done and they were ok and a pelvic ultrasound and a groin ultrasound which was both normal.
Has anyone else had a big wait for their biopsy’s?

I had some biopsies taken on 26th July, they gave me a letter to ring a number if they havent got back to me by the end of this month.

I waited 11 weeks, horrible anxiety, because it went to a mdt review, only to have to have another colposcopy,
I sympathise, I know how much of a worry it is

I have been waiting for my colposcopy results since may 10th.
No one will answer my questions on the phone or give me results from the biopsies.

I had my colposcopy on the 4 may and only had my results 2 weeks ago, the delay was my margins were not good so it went to a multi disaplinary team (mdt), no news is not nessesary good news, no one would tell me anything to the meeting was over, I’m now awaiting a total abdominal hysterectomy, please call and chase up, ask if your have a mdt this length of wait is unreasonable to mental health
Good luck x

Keeping pestering. You do matter so much. It all sounds positive and reassuring from your tests at the hospital though so try not to worry yourself sick, the mind is such a poweful thing and definitely can cause physical symptoms. If there is something it sounds like it would be caught early xxxx

I had 2 colposcopies resulting in LLETZ both times, first in January second in april. Both times it was 8 weeks wait but they did tell me that so i was prepared. I guess it depends on what area youre in but please feel reassured that it is slow growing so its not putting you at risk to wait a little longer.

Thanks everyone.
I spoke to them yesterday and they advised me they have my results and have forwarded them to the doctor and he will either contact me via phone or letter. Hopefully I hear soon x

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