4 weeks post Lletz

Hi girls.

New to this, so please bear with me.

I am 4 weeks post Lletz treatment for severe abnormal changes.  I received my result letter today to confirm high grade changes, however my letter does not state clear or unclear margins.  Is this the norm? It states that I need to return for a smear and hpv test in 6 months time, so do I take it that it was successful as no further treatment is asked for again? Also, I am still getting some brown discharge and at night just before bed I seem to have a wee burst of red blood, not a lot tho. Thanks for your help girls. xxx


Hi. If they don’t specify then it is clear margins or they would call you back for more treatment. As for the bleeding, my leaflet states that you can bleed on and off for 6 weeks. I had a cone biopsy and I had bleeding for 6 weeks. Unless it is lots, clotty and fresh blood I wouldn’t worry about it. If you are, go to your gp.

Thanks for your response oldhand.

Good to hear that I should have clear margins.