4 weeks post lletz and bleeding AGAIN!!

Hi All


I am 4 weeks post lletz which found CIN3. Just after the Lletz I was admitted to hospital following a haemorrhage and had to have a suture put in.

I caried on bleeding for about 3 weeks then stopped which was great....however this afternoon i felt a gush of blood which was bright red and now I am passing clots.

Im not going to lie i am petrified of going back into hospital and am hoping that some of you lovely ladies can give me a little reasurance.

The bleeding is quite heavy when i go to the loo but eases when im sat on the sofa or at my desk,.


I am nt due my period for a week and half so I know  its not that as I am regular with the pill.


I hope you can help me with your experiences. Thank you all in advance xxxx

Sorry to hear about you having to go into hospital! Maybe an infection? Xx

i had a course of metroniadazole aftr i had the stitch done. :( i guess i will have to see my GP on mon :( xx

That's what I'm on now for an infection. I'm sure your ok but always good to have your gp check. Problem is some gps know nothing about it xx

Hi sorry to hear this. I think maybe call your gp for advice.


i am currently on metronidazole also for infection.. Can I ask how you are both feeling on it? I feel dehydrated and my mouth is really dry.m


hope things get sorted for you soon x

Hi there 

I agree with the other ladies , I had sudden bleeding which turned out to be an infection. Maybe get checked out to be sure. I too had metro , had a high dose 3 times daily for 7 days . It can cause dry mouth and furry tongue (!) can also upset the stomach a bit . I felt spaced out for a week, can make you feel groggy. Make sure you eat often with taking it - that helps. And no alcohol! ( I'm a dental nurse, we use it all the time lol) 

Take care ladies xx

I've felt bit tired and groggy but I did from the infection anyway. I've always taken it with food I've got 4 days left. Still bleeding a bit but I think a lot of that is from her examining me again which really hurt! I should have swab results back tomorrow so hopefully got the right anti biotics!


definitely agree with dehydrated! xx

Hi ,

I think the whole experience takes it out of you. I wasn't right for weeks. It's all so draining . You will get there, once you are sorted you will feel better and be fine. Give yourself time to get over it. Xx

Thanks laies. I have already had a course of metronaidazole which yes made me feel rotten :( Will speak to my GP tomorrow and see if there could be another infection, Hope you all feel better soon xx

Thanks for responding.. I'm taking 200mg x3 daily and feel rotten but now I know that is normal.. I only have today and tomorrow eat thank goodness.


 Agree I think the whole procedure just takes it out of you. I hope all you loves are having a relatively lovely Sunday whatever you may be doing.



hiya nicki i had my loop biospy on the 13th and I'm bleeding quite heavy, tmi sorry it's not like a period type bleed I rang the hospital and they said the Only time to go in is if o feel light headed but I'm constantly changing a pad . Hope you are feeling better x

5 days into 7 day course of anti biotics feeling no better, called in sick to work tomorrow feeling rubbish. I do think this whole experience really takes it out of you and you have to try listen to your body and really rest. My doctor should have my swab results tomorrow so see if there's treated me with right think.


hope everyone is feeling okxx

Hi ladies, 

Hope you are all doing ok and feeling a bit better.


Hope everyone is ok? I had a big bleed this morning, phoned 111 they said metronizidole can often mess with periods so they think this is just my period even though I'm on the pill?! It was extremely heavy and uncontrollable but stopped after about an hour and haven't had anymor since