4 weeks long enough to heal for another procedure?


So I have my colposcopy on Tuesday  (eeek) but hospital have just rang and booked my other operation in,to have a large polyp removed from inside my womb and a D and C done.. On the 12th may so a month after the colposcopy. 

I've been told I'll have biopsies done at colposcopy and likely lletz,but will a month after that be long enough for healing before they then go back in to do the polypectomy?  

I haven't a clue how I'll be a month after,u have all been there so I'm hoping u can help.

Thanks xx


Hi Leanne


If you are unsure give the hosiptal a ring and double check the 2 teams are conversing and have planned the dates (i'm sure they have).  i had a Lletz and then cone biopsy done 6 weeks apart and they needed the 6 week gap only as it was on exactly the same area. 

Best wishes