4 week wait after MRI and CT Scans



I have been reading a lot of posts on here and though that I would get involved.


I had a smear back in May and received a letter 4 weeks later to say I had boarderline changes and a HPV infection and was invited for a colcoscopy.

During my chat before the colcoscopy appointment it was already decided that I would be having LLETZ there and then.


4 weeks after this procedure, I received a letter inviting me to discuss my results and further management. This is when I was told that I had stage 1a1 cervical cancer with CGIN. My Consultant agreed to arrange MRI, CT scan and a further LLETZ under GA with bladder investigation and bloods taken.


The MRI and CT were arranged the following week, after leaving the MRI the radiographer asked me if id had an ultrasound and was suprised when i said no. This had me worrying that she has seen something. I had a scan for a 2cm cyst on my overies 2 1/2 years ago and they wernt concerned but now i think all my aches and pains could be because this has grown and turned bad. (im overthinking).


I have now received another letter asking me to come to an appointment with Gynea in 4 weeks! this letter was dated the same day as my CT scan. It seems like a long time to wait which is reasuring me slightly as surely they wouldnt keep me waiting that long if there was something bad on the scan? at the same time the wait is driving me mad.

This will be a month after i was told that i had CC to get the scan results and arrange surgery? or have they changed thier minds and i need another treatment route?


May - smear

30/06/17 - Colcoscopy and LLETZ


10/08/17 - told i have stage 1a1 CC


15/08/17 - MRI


16/08/17 - CT with contrast


12/09/17 - follow up appointment



Hi Hun, please try not to worry, I know it's easier said than done, I think the majority of us on here have not had a ultrasound, it's not really normal practise, I had ct . and Mri scans, I called up my nurse after  a couple of days to see if the results were in and they were, you could try do that? They get results the same day as it's all through a computerised system now.

i also had to wait for an appointment to discuss treatment and it was also a few weeks which it's really tough for us and its frustrating as they have no idea what we are going through.

fingers crossed all goes well and you get good news.


Hi Lianne, 

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Honestly I think this is the worse bit of the entire process - this weird 'inbetween' where you have a diagnosis and a stage but not much action happening. The anxiety will drive you mad if you let it but it's so much easier said than done to let it go.

From what you're describing it all sounds part of the normal process. I was diagnosed 1b1 and had received my stage and then had an MRI and CT but no ultrasound. Debs is right - not many people mention having had an ultrasound and I also didn't so please don't think that not having one means something horrendous when it's probably now standard procedure NOT to have one. The MRI and CT will tell them all they need to know.

If I think back to my treatment I remember it going 2 weeks after diagnosis I had my first op and then about 10 days after that it was my second op so all in all about 3 weeks. 4 weeks could be that hospitals timeline but give them a call if you are worried - did they assign you a CNS nurse at all? If so give them a call. I bothered mine with all sorts of questions and that's what they're there for so they won't mind!

Cervical cancer is a slow growing one so a wait of 4 weeks won't do any more damage but if you're anything like me any twinge set me off on a panic! 

Feel free to vent on the forum and off load here, I found it helps ease the panic! :)