4 months post RH pain and bleeding

Hi I just wondered if anybody has had any similar problems to myself I am now 4 months post radical hysterectomy and not due a check up for another 6 weeks. As far as we are aware surgery was a complete success with no spread to lymph nodes. Months 2 and 3 post surgery were great, no pain no bleeding etc. I then slowly started to bleed and get pain after sex again, I spoke to nurse specialist who said she wasnt too concerned. I am now bleeding a little most days, discharge often, pain in my back and cervical area and have a constant headache. Should I push for an appointment sooner or wait until January as planned? Has anybody else experienced these symptoms 4 months post surgery after a few weeks with no symptoms at all? Thanks.

Here's the problem. Bleeding can be a dot or a lot. And we aren't always good st explaining the difference to our nurses. Blood in our circumstancrs freaks us out s bit. But it could just be scar tissue which is massively common. 

Next time you bleed take photos, of how much there is on loo roll, knickers whatever. Send them to you nurse and ask her if she considers it normal. Taking photos is a good idea anyway to keep a record for yourself.

im in the middle of a scare as soon as I sent a photo I've been speeded through. 

Goid luck

Thank you for your reply. This had continued for me all throughout December,  thankfully only a couple more days before I see my consultant! Fingers crossed all is well for both of us. all the best xx

Hi Maelise,

so sorry to hear all you are going through. I feel like you are describing me above. I too have had bleeding after sex and a recurring headache. I'm so so worried, the bleeding just started tonight so I don't think I will get much sleep (I had a small bit of spotting previously but wasnt overly worried now it's much more noticeable). i hope you get on ok at your MRI and hope you don't have to wait too long on results. 

Hi noodles I havent been on here for a while as unfortunately my suspicions were confirmed and my cancer was back with a vengeance! I have just completed 7 weeks of chemoradiation and now have a 12 week wait for results so fingers crossed! I have seen from your other posts that your trouble was caused by polyps, hope you are recovering well and so glad you were not in the same boat I am. Take care I hope your recovery now goes smoothly xx