4 Months after Lletz

Hi there


I was wondering if anyone could give me advice or who has had a similair problem to me. Last month I forgot to take a few of my contraceptive pills and I started spotting on and off. Not every day. After my pack had finished I got my period as usual.


This month I have started getting this odd brown/pink discharge when I go to the toilet but it doesn't happen everyday. I have taken my pills religously every day. I decided to go to the doctors and she didn't give me any other option that to take a home pregnancy test. I took it and it came back negative. She told me to go back to her if it was negative and she would do mores tests.


I am quite concerned now as I had lletz treatment last year for CIN1/2 and I noticed I had whitey bits floating around in my urine today. I also have slight vramping on and off. Could my Letz of got infected?


Please help!!


Thank you