4-6 months of bleeding and starting testing


I’m so new to this. Like haven’t even had a smear test kind of new to this. I’ve got 3 young kids and so have always had an easy excuse to not have a smear.

Anyway, I’ve been bleeding between periods and after sex for around 4-6 months and have put it down to various things: changing birth control, being run down, stress etc.

I booked a smear for 30th Nov which was about 5/6 days after my period stopped. I had to cancel due to a sick child so it was pushed to the 7th. I had to cancel again due to bleeding so it was pushed back 7 days to the 14th. I was still bleeding for the 3rd appt so the receptionist cancelled with no further appt booked. The bleeding stopped 19th/20th. Then on the 25th I start bleeding again and have been since. Merry Christmas to me!

Had a telephone GP appt today as they’re not doing F2F appts between Xmas and NY. He was shocked it has been going on so long and said I need a F2F with a female GP for a cervix check and he is referring me to gynecologist. I’ve just to wait on both appts at this point.

Am I being dramatic here googling everything? I was looking at the forum and saw people posting about the wait times in Scotland and I am shocked at how long appts and results take.

His reaction when I said 4-6 months has spooked me.

Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Stacy

Just noticed you haven’t had any replies yet. How are you getting on?

There could be a number of reasons for your symptoms so try not to jump to worst case conclusions. Easy to say but try and resist the temptation to self diagnose with Google - it’ll just make you more anxious.

You’ve done the right thing in contacting your GP and hopefully you’ll get a gynae appointment soon. Have you manged to see a female GP for a cervix check yet?


Thanks Jazza,

Yeah I was seen the next day and a referral was put through for gynae by the clinician. She managed to do a smear as well. I then got a call a few days later from a different GP who ran through the symptoms again. She said there’s inflammation and she and has put through an urgent referral for an ultrasound and upgraded the gynae referral to urgent too.

No idea about timescales, she just reiterated that they’re urgent referrals so I’m playing the waiting game.


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Hi Stacy

Sounds like your GP is providing good care. In my experience urgent gynae referral should mean an appointment within 2 weeks.


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Hi Stacy
I read your post and just wanted to check in to see how everything has gone for you? Xx