4.5 Years Remission Stage 4 with Lung Mets


Hi lovely ladies

It's that time of year again!! Scan results time.  It still strikes the fear into me but I am extremely happy to report that I am now 4 and a half years in complete clinical remission with clear lungs and no sign of disease anywhere!!

I never take this for granted and do struggle mentally with how lucky I have been. I know we have lost some ladies recently, my friend Amanda who I met through here being one of them.  I sometime question if I should keep coming back to update you but I know how much it meant to me to find women who were years clear and it gave me a lot of hope.

I know a lot of you ladies are fighting and I am in awe of you all but I'm proof that it is possible so keep going.

All my love as always, 

Anna xxxx


Congratulations! X

Hi Anna,

I remember you from 2013 so am delighted you have come back to post. 

Im going through a recurrence at the moment so posts like this really help. Thank you. 

I’m so happy that you got this news. 


Tess xx 

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That is great news:-) pray all stays great for you

Sorry to hear that Tess, message me if you want to chat love xx

Hi Anna

What wonderful news and Thank you for sharing it really is great to hear when people are doing so well x

After recently starting this mix of 3 I am only too pleased to read your story. I need positive story to keep me going. 

I hope it continues. 


Hi Anna! Please continue to update. It thrills me every time you do. I was just wondering about you recently! It’s my scan time too and I still get anxiety! Be well sister :) 

This is brilliant to hear! Congratulations xx

Thanks Anna & congrats, hope you had a little celebration X

Hi Anna 

wow fabulous amazing news , so pleased for you . It's great to have such positive updates , I am 3.5 years NED post recurrence , it's wonderful to hear your news and fills me with positivity and hope . Congratulations 

Greeni xx

Hi Anna & Greeni

I'm Danielle, 39 year old mum of 2, I was originally diagnosed with stage 2b cc in Dec 2015 and recieved Chemo/Radiotherapy and Brachytherapy in the early part of 2016.

This is my first time posting, I've just been diagnosed with a recurrence of CC , (stage 4) behind my belly button and in my peritoneium.  It's so lovely reading your comments and how well you are doing after your recurrence...it gives me so much hope. I'm due to have my kidney function  test next tuesday (20th) to hopefully start  my  chemo Taxo and Carbol the week after. I haven't been offered Avastin as yet? Is this something I can ask for fo you know please?



Hi lovely

So sorry to hear of tour recurrence but there is always hope. Tou certainly can ask for Avastin, or at the very least leaky why it's not been offered??

Please feel free to message me anytime

Anna x

I’m so sorry to hear this. I would say if the drs are wanting to give you treatment it’s certainly worth a go!!! Its a very difficult decision but you never know how you may respond to treatment so it may be worth trying.

I wish you lots of luck and love xx

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Wonderful news xx