3rd smear test abnormal

I had a third smear test done first was.abnormal then i was normal.for a year  now its gone back to abnormal.cells. I have been having shooting pains in cervix and joint pains on and off anyone else had anything similar. I read shittake mushrooms where good took a lot of those after first scan now it seems the cells are back. I want to put my foot down this time as they did nothing last time just left them as low grade. 

Hi there. I too experience shooting pains as well. No joint pain but some upper leg pain. I just started taking a shiitake blend, ahcc. I've read as much as I could on it. I also take supplements like zinc, folic acid, green tea, vitamin C and E, selenium and turmeric. I truly hope it helps for me! I've recently quit smoking and cut out processed foods. The doctor called and said I had to come in to discuss the results as she wouldn't discuss it over the phone. I go in on Tuesday to find out the results of my colp and biopsies. I'm a bit nervous because it's only been about a week which seems like a rush on it. 

Hi did you get the results?