3rd smear in 7 months!

Hi all, i hope you can help as im a bit nervous. I was called for my 1st smear in December & that came back as inadequate due to not enough cells being collected. I had my second in March which again came back as inadequate for the same reason. I have today had my 3rd & i have been told that if this comes back the same i will be referred to a gyne to investigate. No one has really given me any reasons why this keeps happening & its not due to it being done at the wrong time of the month.

Im just really confused why its happened again & what it means? Any idea or am i just unlucky?




I'm sorry that you've had iwo inadequate smear results and can understanding why you're confused.  It would be usual to get seen by a gynae if you have another inadeqaute result, possibly using colposcopy, as the smear isn't picking up enough cells for them to test and obviously they need to be able to test to screen you properly. 

I'm not a doctor but believe that inadequate results can be due to anything from the nurse not getting enough cells when she takes the sample, to there being too much 'other stuff' (ie blood, mucus) in the sample depending on time of the month it's taken, or something like inflamation or infection.

Hope you get your result soon and that have got enough cells this time. 

Take care x