3rd HPV no cell changes -Colposcopy next I'm petrified

Hi everyone,

I have just revived my 3rd HPV positive no abnormal cell changes result. I am absolutely gutted. For the last 6-8 months I tried everything you could. Came off the Pill, took Zinc, AHCC, Folic Acid etc daily, ate more iron based foods the lot. I took a Superdrug home test in August and it came back HPV NOT detected so I was thrilled…then my smear said otherwise.
I am expecting a letter in the next fortnight about my Colposcopy appointment thankfully going away for my 30th next week to take my mind off of it all.
I have to take a diazepam prior to my smear appointments because of how petrified I am of them. They are so painful for me. I am now beyond scared of how a Colposcopy is going to make me feel, even just the seat thing they put you in I can feel the panic and anxiety in me increase :frowning:
My husband and I were hoping to try for our first baby next year but now knowing I’m still dirty with HPV and even if they said it looks ok normal recall, I don’t know how I feel now trying for a baby knowing I will still have it.

Just not the result I wanted I’m so scared of the next step. Any reassurance will be gratefully received.

Hi @immymog93

I didn’t want to read your post and not reply.

I feel you there, I had hpv for 8 years, probably longer as I had my son at 16 and I was 24 at my first smear appointment.

Colposcopy appointments were difficult for me too, mainly due to my cervix tilting downwards and finding it painful if the speculum was the wrong size. I am having my second LLETZ under general soon which could be an option for you if you are really uncomfortable/anxious.

It is such an awful feeling knowing you still have hpv, but the fact there does not appear to be any changes is a good thing! I hope your body naturally fights this off very soon x

Hi Immymog!
How are you doing now? Any updates? I too have been taking similar supplements to you and did a home test earlier this year
It came up negative but not sure I trust it
Would be good to hear how you are getting on and I hope you’re not too stressed x