3rd colposcopy, close to vaginal wall!!!

I have just been for my 3rd colposcopy (which I didn’t expect as I was told I was going to decide whether I was having lletz under ga or hysterectomy). I was transferred to the surgical team following 1 lletz to remove CIN3 and 1 punch biopsy. I met with new doctor today who states they wouldn’t consider hysterectomy until 2nd lletz which she was able to do under local this morning. she said she removed most of my cervix and should it come back then they would need to consider surgery. One of my main concerns is that she said the precancerous cells are very close to vagina wall! What are the chances of it actually reaching the vaginal wall? I’m scared it’ll turn into VAIN and will need part of my vagina removed. I am only 34! We have 3 children and are not intending anymore so that’s not the issue. It’s more my husband and I’s sex life I am concerned about should this be required! Sorry this is all disjointed and ramble. 




Sorry to hear you're going through all this. 

I had a radical hysterectomy inwhich the top third of the vagina was removed. 

I'm still anxious about having sex now 6 months later but I no longer have the pre op symptoms and partner says he notices no physical difference. It's just the psychological side I need to get passed.