3C1 - 3 month scan results

So yesterday I met my chemo doctor for the first time. He said he will be putting me on Cisplating weekly. He said however radiation for me is the most important thing and he wants to make sure that keeps going on no matter what. I am meeting the radiation team on March 19th. They just took my blood works yesterday , so they are still deciding whether it will be chemo for me or immunotherapy. So I am still in talks with different groups but making progress.

Sounds good that your doctors know what they are doing. I think patience is the key for us. What does calcified mean though?

Hey all

261 days since I was told I had cancer Today I am officially NED (no evidence of disease) for this occurrence of cancer. Still processing the news that I’ve been waiting for since day 1.

Not sure I am feeling anything but relieved right now. Cannot say I am even happy. It’s weird. I was in and out within 7 mins…

So what is next? I will continue to have scans every 3 months for the first year before going to 4 months in year 2. Additionally, a full body CT scan each year.

Thank you everyone for the support


Hi @Justpeachythanks
So so pleased for you. Amazing newsxxx

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@Justpeachythanks thats awesome news!! Thank you for the update. So very happy to hear this!

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Amazing news Mena 🩷👏🏼
I know how you feel, definitely a strange feeling,
The mental side is the hardest battle.
So happy for you xx

Fanstic news @Justpeachythanks :heart:

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@Justpeachythanks That is awesome news!!! Ammmazing…Congratulations!

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Fantastic news @Justpeachythanks

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Oh I’m so so so so happy for you! This is fantastic news! Absolutely overjoyed for you! I’ve got my 3 month scan on 26 April & get the results on 9 May xxx

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You are having your scan on my bday. Wishing you all the best lovely

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Thank you everyone. I’ll be sticking around to support you ladies. Good to give back especially as NED doesn’t mean cancer free for the rest of your life xxx


Congratulations! Good to hear it was all worth it in the end x
I take your point about being now cancer free ‘for this occurrence’. I feel that it it explains the notion of the 5 year survival rate rule a little better - I cannot get anyone to explain this in a way that makes sense to me x
Big hugs to you and best wishes for the future xx

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@Justpeachythanks how have I only just seen your news! Well done you, I hope you had a little celebration. It’s such a relief isn’t it. Xx

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Mena, this is wonderful news! I am so happy to see this update and I hope your treatment has killed off every single one of those pesky cancer cells once and for all. You are a super-strong woman. :blue_heart: :white_heart:

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Thank you so very much ladies. Got my next MRI on 8/5 but not thinking about it and just getting on with life xxx