30 with stage 2/3 cervical cancer

hello everyone,

i really dont know how to say this but here we go. i am 30 and just got diagnosed this february. finished my 25x 6x radiochemo and 4x brachy since march to first week of july.

i think i was just kind of drift away with everything that’s been happening after i got my biopsy result (was stage 1b2, then 2b2/3b2 with 10cm+ tumor). i was having this strange thought where i felt kind of better during hospital treatment cuz when i’m home and lonely, my mind’s just catastrophizing everything. :face_with_peeking_eye::sweat: i am 3 days after my last brachytherapy session and still feeling this weird uterus prolapse like sensation. :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart: does anyone here maybe have similar experience?

i am through so much and with positive mind hoping to be able to pass it all. :sunflower::heart_hands:

sending strength xoxo


I’m so sorry you find yourself in this position.
I don’t have the prolapsed feeling but I am going through treatment for stage 3c at the moment (2 brachy left) so can relate to how your feeling :heart:
I’m 33, it’s hard going through menopause at such a young age on top of having cancer and the mental battle and fear of treatment not working.
Stay strong and positive and try to find distractions or things you enjoy to do when you’re lonely to take your mind off things
(easier said than done, I know!)
Amy xx


Hi @helloannisa, im so sorry to hear what you’re going through. Im 35 and was diagnosed 3c1 in January, finished treatment end of March and am now waiting for my PET scan middle of September for results. The wait isnt always easy but i try really hard to not let me mind wander down a dark path. When i get anxious thoughts i literally say to them ‘thanks, but you’re not helping me right now’ and i try and switch immediately to something else. Often getting up and moving helps me! I found finishing treatment quite difficult as you arent surrounded by your care team all the time, so i would advise making sure youve got some time planned with people who love and fill you with joy! Im sorry i cant relate on the prolapse feeling, perhaps speak to your doctor?
Sending love and strength! X

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