3 year wait after treatment for 2 years?

I have followed this forum for while but this is my first post.


I am wondering what you would all think to this...

In May 2013 I had CIN2 - so had lettz treatment, 6 months later October 2013 I had another colposcopy to find CIN1 , 1 year later October 2014 I had CIN1 and VAIN2

so at the monthly mdt meeting it was suggested I should have another lettz treatment which I did in January 2015. My 6 month follow up in June 2015 found low grade dyskaryosis and no HPV. My letter suggests I dont need to return for another smear for 3 years. 

Im not sure how I feel about this! I know I should be jumping from the roof tops that I don't need to be seen for another 3 years, but my letter felt very 'generic' as if I hadn't had a problem for the last 2 years! I personally feel 3 years is a long time when I've had two bouts of lettz in the last 2years alone!


What do you all think? Am I panicking over nothing? Not sure my mind could wait 3 years to confirm or deny anything else! 


Thanks in advance x


Hi. I completely understand where you are coming from. I have had abnormal cells for the past three years, three treatments and after a mild dyskariosis smear with HPV plus but a clear colposcopy, I have been discharged for three years.

Sorry pressed save by mistake. I’m going to get a second opinion and get private yearly smears. The fact you are HPV neg is really good though because it suggests your immune system has successfully dealt with the infection. X

Thank you,  I was actually amazed the HPV being negative! All very well trying to get my imunity strong enough to fight it, when the the whole thing stresses me to the max!


I just find three years is along time when there's clearly been issues! I agree, I am going to get tested in a year. The nurse at the gp last year actually told me if I didn't want to wait until I was called, then to exaggerate on the symptons and they can't refuse, considering the background. So I will try that before I have to pay! X

Hi there, I was in for ablation of VAIN3 last week and was informed that I'll be checked at least every 6 months for at least the next 3 years as VAIN has a very high recurrence rate. It sounds like your letter, like you say, is a generic one. If I were you I'd call and discuss it. There's a lot of VAIN info on the McMillan site and research shows a high recurrence rate so I wouldn't want to leave it 3 years...



Yes. This is new protocol. I had abnormal smears for 7 years. I was recalled to 3 yearly too as HPV negative. I went private early this year for smear and HPV test. Was worth every penny. Will do it every year until I'm due on NHS. 


Thanks for all your feedback.

I will have another look at the McMillan site, ( I looked when I was told about the VAIN as it was new to me) so I shall reread it.

I think I shall aim for another smear in 6-12 months. If that's also clear, I'll feel a lot more positive!

Thanks again for your advice, always reassuring when other people understand what we are going through! X

Hi all, 

I just wanted to share my experience as I would certainly push for yearly smears! I had cin3 removed by lletz over two years ago after having consistent abnormal smears. I then relocated 4 hours away and had my follow up colposcopy at a different hospital. My original hospital however never passed on all of my details. I was told to come back after 3 years which I queried but was told all was fine. Two years down the line and 3 miscarriages later (not related) I thought I would try and push again - just in case! I found a super helpful nurse who chased everything up and was called in urgently for a colposcopy. The original hospital had finally passed on.my details 2 years later and I had mild glandular changes on the inner cervix in an early smear which is more significant than the cin3 on the outside of the cervix apparently!  Thankfully colposcopy was clear and currently awaiting smear results. The colposcopy nurse is going to make sure I now have one year smears.

If you are unsure really push for it as I think sometimes you can get generic letters. 

Hope all works out for you!