3 year smear after lletz and test of cure.

Hey ladies,
I hope you are all ok,

I wondered when my next smear is due,
I had a lletz procure in March 2014 test of cure was sept 2014 which was normal, so I was put back to 3 year smears.
Now is it 3 years from my lletz do you think? Or 3 years from my test of cure?

I’m trying to figure out if it’s only 6 months away or if it’s a year away that it’s due as I might go private.

Thank you xxx



i have just come across your post.  I had lletz June 2014 my test of cure was Dec 2014 which was normal but hpv positive so I had to be checked again january 2015 which was fine and back to 3 years.

so I'm thinking it will be 3 years from test of cure?

have you had anything yet? I'm worrying already lol but I am thinking of trying for a baby soon 


kind regards