3 x Loops - Now possible Hysterectomy


I hope I am in the right place.

I had a Biopsy and Loop in 2003 and also a D&C under GA.  Since then, over the last 10 years i've had 'abnormal' smears but nothing that warranted further treatment, until last year.

I had CIN3 and subsequently have had another 2 Cone Biopsies and 2  further Loops and due to go back in June 2013 to see if they have again returned!

I am bleeding between periods too.

I  have a 7yr old and my husband and I  have been trying for another for the past 3 years with no luck so thought about giving up anyway.

So i've seen my doctor today and he has strongly recommended a Hysterectomy (i'm 38) as with my history and problems, it could put an end to it all.  The other strong factor is my sister has Cervical Cancer and has been treated with various therapies for the past 2 years. ( its been horrendous to see her so ill)

Is anyone in a similar situation? Have you had or considering a hysterectomy?

I feel so young mostly yet I feel like I need to get my cervix 'out' because its a constant worry.


Thank you if you have read this far.


Sam x

Can totally understand why you feel you are too young. I am 8 weeks post op for high grade CGIN & 33. I was strongly advised to have a hysterectomy after my loop treatment had no clear edges. Luckily I have 3 kids. But, its still upsetting losing your fertility & no more periods. Like you said the worry is awful & you won’t have that once your cervix is removed. Happy for you to pm me if you need to have a chat.
Love Ray. xxxx

Hi Ray

Thank you so much for your reply, it means alot :-)


Did you have a full hysterectomy?  I understand there are 2 'versions' of it?

How are you feeling?


Sam x

Hi, I had a total hysterectomy & also my fallopian tubes removed. That’s uterus & cervix, kept my overies. Can’t believe its been done, 9 weeks today. Alot to get my head round, only had my smear done end of Sep last year, would never have believed I would have needed a hysterectomy. Its not been easy, but pleased I’ve has it done. Alot to come to terms with, but this site has helped, met some lovely brave ladies, who
have supported me through the hard times. Happy to help, if you’ve got any questions.
Love Rachael xx

So the full works then! How long was you in hospital for?  Was you working? If so, how long did you need to have off work?

I'm now seeing the consultant again on 17th June to discuss the options, but I'm becoming more and more agreeable with having the hysterectomy. 

Prevention is the better than the cure.......and after seeing what my sister has been though, i'm certain about it really.



Sam x

Hi there. I'm 2 years in remission now and have been offered a hysterectomy for different reasons, I have 2 girls and wanted to be sterilised but have been offered a hysterectomy instead and then we know the cc can not cosmetic back. They are really big decisions to contend with. I'm only 28 I know it's young but I can't help thinking that ill never have to worry about the cancer again. It's just all the emotional baggage that comes with it x

Hi ladies,

Hope your both having a good day. Sam I was in hospital from Fri morn - Sun evening. Could have gone home on the Sat evening, but just didn’t feel up to it. Looking back I’m glad I stayed in, especially if you have little ones at home, as you will be really tired. Going back to work next week, so in total have had 10 weeks off work. Some go back earlier depending on your job. I work with children with learning disabilities, so can be very challenging & physical at times. plus emotionally I’ve not been ready. Your right smjohnson it does come with a lot of emotion baggage, even if you want to have the hysterectomy, its still a rollercoaster of emotions. I didn’t want to have it done, but knew it was the sensible thing to do, & the right thing. But emotionally its hard knowing you don’t have the choice to have any more kids, & I’ve had 3, so I think it depends on the kind of person you are & its still hard now coming to terms with it all, in time it will get easier & I am pleased I had it done to protect myself & my family. Your both welcome to pm me any time.

Lots of love Rachael xx