3 weeks post hysterectomy

Hi All-

I am going on three weeks post surgery. I had a complete hysterectomy but the doctor was able to save my ovaries. I am still experiencing a lot of cramping. In addition, I am sweating in my private area a lot! I feel like my private area is on fire. I have had to change my underwear a few times a day. I have zero energy and feel like I am going to start my period based on the amount of cramping I am experiencing. Is this normal? I go to my doctor on Tuesday.

Hiya :-)

Whichever way it is done a hysterectomy is a huge operation and an enormous shock to your body. Three weeks is a very short time-frame for things to settle down. Try not to worry, things will sort themselves out in time, but certainly discuss it all with your doctor on Tuesday.

Be lucky :-)