3 positive hpv tests

Bit concerned as I’ve now been referred for colposcopy following 3 smear tests that have all shown HPV positive with no cell changes.
Worried sick tbh and can’t stop thinking about it.
Is the fact I have no cell changes good? And if so why are they doing the colposcopy? I can’t understand why my body isn’t clearing the HPV as it says online it’s usually cleared within two years

Hi @Vampyhooch

It is a very good sign that no cell changes have been seen on any if your previous samples in the last 3 years, you are only being referred for a colposcopy more to cover their own backs than a cause for concern, as smears arnt always 100% and on rare occasions cells can be missed its just standard protocol to refer us to a colposcopy after 3 positives in a row

The timeframe of clearing the virus is only on average but in some it can linger around for longer… the longer the virus is active for the more likely it is to cause cell changes, but even then cell changes are only a possibility of HPV rather than a guarentee, there are alot of women who have active HPV for many years but never experience a change in cells

No cell changes could also mean your immune system may not be strong enough to “clear it” just yet but it is strong enough to keep cell changes at bay… it isnt necassarily that the longer its active the less likely you are to clear it, you do still have every chance of clearing this xx

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I have had hpv now for 4 years and today I went for my second colposcopy and again no cell changes so its great maybe our immune system is strong enough to stop cell changes just not strong enough to clear the virus

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