3 mth scans cut to 6 mth

Hi All,

I'm 9 months post treatment as shown in my signature. Having recently visited my oncologist he has decided that my MRI scan will now be 6 months and not evey 3 as appears to be the norm. He said he will scan earlier if I have symptoms so again it's down to me recognising something??

So I asked him when can I breathe and his answer was 3 years. Therefore should my scans not be every 3 months until then?

Constantly feeling that it's down to me to push the system to get preventative treatment. Also not sure if this is down to cuts in the NHS.

Any advice would be appreciated.



I'm 9 months post rad hysterectomy and radio and use get nothing!!!! No appointment, no scans, nothing! Xxx

Hi my first follow up appointment was only last month and I was told he'd see me in June and then see me every six months my consultant doesn't scan regularly as he says mostly if all is well the check yo is sufficient unless I present any symptoms. My treatment was unusual tho so I don't know if that makes a difference xx 

Charlene, if you don't mind me asking, why was your treatment so different? Not being nosey, just interested :-) xxx

It should have been chemo radiation for early 2b, but bmi would have meant serious damage to my other organisations from the radiation so I was given a choice.of that or full chemo, hysterectomy and the bracytherapy as it would be less damaging in the future. xx

Organs lol silly phone xx

Oh, ok. Hope you are feeling much better now! Xxx

Hi Jools,

My follow-up appointments (scans and blood tests) have been every six months ever since treatment finished. As far as I can tell six-monthly follow-ups are the norm. You wouldn't have much time between tests to have a real life if tests were four times a year.

Be lucky


Hi Tivoli,

I get your point on the 'getting on with your life' side of things, but I had noticed that some ladies go every 3 months. Given that I have a high chance of recurrance, just thought every 3 months would keep on top of it.  I feel better knowing that others are told 6 months.

Thanks ladies for all your input.


Hi Jools,

I understand why, having had positive lymph nodes, you feel that you have an increased chance of recurrence. So I can only imagine that your follow-ups have been halved because you have had two consecutive 'clear' scans.

Be lucky :-)