3 Months Post Lletz painful periods

Hi everyone!

Hope I’m posting this in the correct place.
I had a colposcopy and lletz 3months ago under GA.
In the 6 weeks recovery time I had on and off spotting but nothing to serious. My periods was regular but very painfull. Bleeding stopped at around 6 weeks when I went for my check up my gyne gave me the all clear. She said there was some scar tissue but it should not bother me.

My previouse period was the worst I have ever experienced! No heavy bleeding but extremely painful. I went to my MD who prescribed painkillers.
My next period is due in 5days and I’m dreading it. Also I have had light spotting since 2 days ago. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Panja, sorry to hear you are suffering from this. I had something similar after my second lletz and it ended up being stenosis, where the cervix had nearly scarred over. I had to get my consultant to clear a 'hole' through the scar tissue and it made a big difference. Xx

Hi Panja, 

I haven't had the procedure done. I go today to find out my treatment options. However, just from my biopsy alone I have had bleeding & cramping for a week. I can imagine my period being bad this month because of it also. I honesty think it changes us when they do the surgery. I don't want it, but I know I'm high grade. So thats a bummer. I hope your periods don't continue to be that way!

Thank you for replying ladies. Traveler I hope everything went well with your procedure and that you will have a speedy recovery!
Natalie, that sounds painfull! Will keep it in mind to metion to my Dr if my symptoms continue. Fingers crossed that things will improve!