3 months clear and leg pain help!

I have recently had the all clear from stage 2b cc. I have been ok up until recently wher all i do is worry. I dont sleep, i have nightmares and i am in constant pain all over my body. Especially my legs and lower back. I had chemo, radiation and brachythereapy so i know there will be some damage but no one seems to be listening to me. Including the doctors. The pain is constant and all day. 

Has anyone experienced this before?? im worried that they are symptoms of reoccurance and i am going insane with worry and not sure who i speak to. 

I have the same but suffer from fibromyalgia also. I am seeing a gynaecologist (referral from my oncologist) as my scar tissue from the radiotherapy is causing me pains amongst other things. They are looking into it, to see if any can be removed surgically. Can you contact your nurse specialist? Express your concerns. xx

Hi there

Three months post treatment is still very early in the healing phase. Your body has been through the ringer and the fact the radiation is still doing things to you. Add in the fact that you have been plunged into menopause equals no sleep which can cause symptoms to be way worse. 

Speak to your general practitioner about relieving the symptoms associated with menopause. Thus allowing you to get some decent sleep so you can cope better. 

Remember this is a process and it will take a long time to go through. I literally felt like I was a 90yr old for about a year following treatment. Push through as best as you can. Be kind to yourself. Get regular exercise in form of walking or yoga. Stretch everyday even when it hurts. It’s does get easier. 

Find things that help you mentally cope this will make life better. It’s like two steps forward and one step back but staying positive as you slowy move forward will help. 

The most important thing is you get sleep to manage. 

Good luck

Whilst I agreed with the symptom management strategies everyone has been.kind enough to describe, it is important to remember that severe backache with leg pain can be a sign of recurrence and shouldn't be ignored. Don't panic, it doesn't mean it is. In fact I had those symptoms recently and had a CT scan which was clear so.It's not necessarily the case that it's bad news. However my gynae oncologist sent me for a CT scan immediately. When is your next review and do you get a,scan? And I also agree that your treatment will still be working at this stage anyway.


Pain worries us yes, it’s normal to be freaked out. I’m 2 years out and still clear as of August and still keep a bit of low back pain, pelvic pain and even some butt and thigh pain. Mine are all after affects from the radiation. Just keep your head up, dont panic until it’s time to panic :)

What kind of pain in your leg?  I did contract lymphedema about a month after treatment had finished.  The pain from lymphedema is a dull pain, and makes your leg feel heavy.  You most likely will see swelling, too.  If that is the case, tell your doctor your symptoms and they will get you into physical therapy to mitigate the symptoms.  Lymphedema is not curable, but it is manageable.  Hang in there!