3 monthly colposcopies


I have just had my 6 monthly colposcopy after having stage 1a1 cancer in October removed by 2x LLETZ. I had to have another biopsy taken and they said I had something called Cervical Metaplasia which I am informed is normal. They told me today that I will have 3 monthly colposcopies from now on, I wondered whether anyone else has had this? I asked why and they just said it's what the consultant said I should have. I am wondering whether it's because I am quite an anxious patient and lose my mind every time I go for a colposcopy, purely because my smear test was normal 3 years 10 months before and no one thought it would be cancer and was nearly missed as the biopsy said CIN 1 but my smear was CIN 3, had that not have come back as CIN 3 I may not have had a LLETz which picked up my cancer. So I am a bit anxious as to why they want to see me sooner and whether they know something I don't? Or whether it's just to help with my anxiety. I am more than happy to be under surveillance and 12 weekly colposcopies are much more easier to manage with waiting than 6 monthly. 

Thanks, Hayley