3 month results!

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to make a post since I recently made one about my first smear since having my LEEP done in July- so 3 months ago. My gyno does a smear at 3 and 6 months- if both come back fine and clear then you are released back to yearly smears as normal.

I was terribly nervous. Gyno made sure I knew that at 3 months and even sometimes 6 months, our bodies have sometimes not been given enough time to “clear” the virus or put it to rest so to speak. I prayed hard that whatever my smear showed I would be okay with it. That I would be able to remind myself that I WILL BE OKAY NOT MATTER WHAT!

I received my results this Monday, no high risk HPV detected and no cell abnormality. So clear/normal results. To say I was ecstatic would be an understatement lol just wanted to say a general THANK YOU to anyone who took the time to respond to any of my posts and direct message me. It is so appreciated :heart:


This is such great news!! I’m still waiting for my smear results but I can only hope that they are half as great as this!
So happy for you x

Prayers for you that you receive positive results as well :slight_smile: let us know when you find out!

Hello so happy for you I remember when we both had the 3 months check and was all good, so glad your 6 months was great and HPV negative best news :partying_face::partying_face:
I also had my 6 months colposcopy no abnormalities seen and clear smear results still waiting on HPV test should be out tomorrow or Monday :crossed_fingers:. Take care :blush:

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