3 month results

Hi all, I finished my treatment at the end of March. I had a diagnosis of cervical cancer 2b. I had 5 chemotherapy, 25 radiotherapy 1 brachytherapy. Should have been 3 but during my second, the pain was so horrific they decided enough damage had been done to my bladder and everything was red raw. So they stopped. I had a dither CT scan and they gave me an extra 6 external radiotherapy instead.  

during and after treatment I have had the worst cystitis. It’s has calmed down a bit now. I feel the odd ‘twinge’ feelings down below. I got my MRI results yesterday. Saying that the tumour is still there but is shrinking. I know this is positive, but I feel kind of deflated. I didn’t know it worked this way, and had set myself up for a black or white answer, either it worked or it didn’t. Eek I feel so silly! I have another MRI booked for 3 months time. How long did it take for any of you to get the ‘no disease evident’ stage? 

I never moan, I try not to, but I sometimes feel I have to. I just don’t like to upset my family. If I’m okay, they cope better. I’m still having lower back pain, hip/thigh pain like I did initially. So fatigued all the time. I’m not back at work yet, but due to having a mortgage, I need to go back soon, as no one else to pay it. I’m just dreading it. I have fibromyalgia also, so just tired and tired. That’s my war cry haha.. how are you? Me - tired!! Lol. 


Oh lovely. Go ahead, vent all you like. That’s what this forum is for. 

I don’t have experience with your results but have read similar results on here. As you probably know now, the radiotherapy keeps working on your body after treatment finishes. I think I heard that it can work up to 6 months! Were your doctors pleased with the result? Could they tell you how much it had shrunk?

I had 2b as well, and also have had ongoing bladder problems (recurring cystitis for the last 7 months)... its a pain but hopefully will get better for us. 

Hope you’re okay as can be and come here anytime you want to talk. 

Big hugs 

Rosie xx

Hey, thanks.

Yeh they are happy with the results and said that it is positive. The one question I didn’t ask was how much it had shrunk. I will next time though. 

I hope your bladder issues settle down. Xx