3 month result. Still large lymph node ?

The oncologist just phoned me. I had the Mri on 22nd November and hadn't heard anything so had phoned his secretary on Monday. She said he would write to me, but I suppose it was quicker to phone at this time of year.

He said everything had shrunk down nicely but there was still an enlarged lymph node. He seemed quite positive and just said they would repeat the MRI in three months. I'm seeing him on the 10th January and not sure what I need to ask or know. What does the lymph node mean ? Any experience please ladies ?

If he's not worried about it then you try not to be. If he thought there was a problem,  he'd have you in first further investigation x 

Thanks Philleepa . He did sound unconcerned but that little demon in my head keeps thinking , he probably says that to everyone. 

I actually feel well and am usually totally positive .. it's just these nagging little worries that creep in now and again.. I'm sure we are all like that though.

Hi Sooze,

I'm glad he rang. Much nicer to speak to him on the phone than a letter. it's pretty hard not to be worried after a cancer diagnosis. But they tend to rush things if they are worried. Just write out any questions/Concerns before you see him in January, it's always hard to remember to ask everything you want to know when you have your follow-ups. I always feel frazzled before appointments. I usually ask about any ongoing symptoms or pains I've been having. Or concerns regarding follow-up.Take care xx