3 Month Re-Check on Weds...Scared!

I haven't posted here in a while, but I had a LEEP/LLETZ done back in March and am about to go back in for my 3 month check.  I'm back to being terrified and depressed almost daily again. Trying to fight it with exercise and keeping myself busy, but it's always there, like some creepy computer virus running in the background.

Long story short, I had a cone biopsy for CINIII back in November. Went back 3 months later and CIS was found! Went through MRI and all kinds of other stuff before going in for the LEEP. Doctor seems convinced it'll be gone now, since she said the sample taken was quite deep, so I've tried to be positive all this time. Luckily, I felt not a peep from about 2 weeks after the LEEP until 2 weeks ago, when I started getting nasty pain for a week. Nearly went to the hospital for it, but it eventually turned into what felt like the usual horrible period cramps, and I did bleed for a single day. The cramps have stopped, though I have had a soreness since that day, which has reduced from day to day. I still keep having occasional pinkish/brownish (really sorry for the TMI) discharge spotting every other day or so, and a little pinch here, a temporary cramping or bloat there, but nothing consistent. I haven't had a normal period (normal for me is PMS and maybe a day or two of breakthrough bleeding because I'm on a progesterone pill) since before the cone biopsy, so this all feels suspicious, and I'm hoping it's not.

Has anyone else still had cramping/bleeding/spotting/pinchy pains, etc. 3 months or more after your LEEP/LLETZ? Just hoping to find someone who may also be having annoying lingering after effects, but who is otherwise fine. It's driving me completely crazy!

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who might be able to give any comfort...I'm having such a hard time keeping myself sane leading up to this appointment!...

Hi :)

Sorry I can't provide an answer re your symptoms but hopefully your doctor will be able to when you go on Wednesday :)

I think it's probably normal to be so worried about your check up. I have my first check up on Tues after having second LLETZ in December and lymph nodes removed in Feb. I don't want all the tests and waiting again so I'm hoping they just look and say all ok but I don't know if they normally take biopsies every time anyway. Hope not!

Good luck on Weds :)


Thanks so much for your reply, Jennyyy! I wish you the same for your check up - hope all is clear and well for you! You've been through a LOT!!  The worst thing that's supposed to happen to me is hysterectomy if I have more abnormal cells this time, so....let's just hope it doesn't come to that. On Tuesday are they going to pap you and do a physical exam? How long will you have to wait for results?...The waiting is the absolute worst, especially where it comes to waiting for labs.  Hugs to you!!! 

Hi :)

I'm not sure what they'll do as it's my first check up and I didn't receive an appointment letter which I usually get which tells me what to expect. I'm hoping it's just colposcopy with no biopsies or scans as I don't want to have to wait for results. Last time I had biopsies/LLETZ I think the average wait was about two and a half weeks.

Are they not able to do another cone/LLETZ if they find any abnormal cells, rather than hysterectomy? Fingers crossed for you that everything's fine :) 


I have had adenomyosis for a long time anyway, so I'm thinking they probably figure that if I still have abnormal cells after this, the best thing to do is just pull everything out of there, rather than continue to chop it all up and see what happens every 3 months. I'm having mixed feelings about it because some women seem to feel so relieved after hysterectomy, but others have other problems afterward. I'm also worried about being put under for it. I just hope to avoid it for as long as I can.  

Good luck with your appointment, and please post back about how it went! Keeping good thoughts for you, Jennyyy! :)

Hi :)

Are there any statistics available on the likelihood of you having problems after the op? I kind of feel the same about my lymph node op. I had them out to check if the cancer had spread and it hadn't but now one of my legs is always a bit numb/sore but I suppose it's better to have that than not having the op done and worrying :)

My appointment today was ok. I won't get the smear results for 6 weeks but from looking down the microscope, he said everything looked normal so hopefully my results will be fine :)

Good luck for tomorrow. Let me know how you get on.


Thanks so much for checking back in! I'm relieved to hear doc didn't see anything remarkable - that's fantastic! This is what i'm hoping for, too. I'll be leaving the house to get to the hospital in about an hour now....Pretty nervous.

One good thing - by chance, I had a moment to speak with my regular clinic gyn (was picking up my adenomyosis meds), because he called me in to ask me if I'd be ok with switching to generic. While I was talking to him, I told him about what I was worried about and he really seemed to just think the meds would be causing all this weirdness with spotting and odd cramps and such. The fact that he wasn't alarmed at all by what I told him REALLY helped put me at ease for the rest of the day, and I feel pretty ok this morning as I get ready to leave, so - small blessings, eh?

Wow, a 6 week wait for you. I wonder if I would actually like that better than waiting for a phone call to come any minute within the next week or so...It really keeps both my husband and me on edge. Things got very scary and moved very quickly just before I had the LEEP done. I'd just finished 3 months post a cone biopsy, thinking all would be well, and it turns out it wasn't. Next thing I knew it was MRIs and this and that poking and prodding and in for the LEEP the very next day....YOWCH! Really hoping this will not happen again. Oh, if only this could be the end of it, this time!  I'll definitely post back about it, and thanks again for your care!  :)

Ok, the quick report on the check up is......It was uneventful. 

I expected her to take a look, but all she did was a smear test while I was in the chair. First thing she said when I walked in for the usual consultation afterward was give me my next 3 month return date. I explained all of the things that were going on with me (pain, breakthrough bleeding, brown spotting, etc.) and she said it most likely had nothing to do with the LEEP, but probably more to do with the Dienogest medication I'm taking. Funny thing is that my clinic doctor said the same thing just the day before when I got to talk to him, so....well....ok, I guess? The overall impression I got was that my hospital doc pretty much considers our time together at a close, and is ready to hand me back to my regular gyn. It was almost an afterthought when she mentioned she'd call in about a week if there was anything remarkable about my labs.....Soooooo.....yeah, that's it! Hopefully her intuition is right and this will all be cleared up now.

Now I've just got to hold my breath for a week and pray I DON'T hear from her, because no news is definitely good news!  Ugh...the waiting!! I dare not let my guard down in case of bad news, but I hate being in this sort of limbo of terror, waiting for the worst news!

That sounds positive that they both things your symptoms are just caused by your medication :) Have you googled whether those symptoms are linked to your tablets?

At least a week isn't too long a wait! Good luck and let us know once you get your results. I hope you can take your mind off it in the meantime.