3 Month PET scan results

Hey girls,

I’ve been on this site soo much since first being diagnosed in April, it’s been the only place I’ve felt I can really relate to anyone for awhile.

I Just wanted to let you all know and give some positivity for anyone who needs to hear it right now, I’ve just had my results from 3 months PET scan and I’ve had a complete metabolic response! I’m NED! :pray:t2:
I know it’s still to early for any compliance but this is the first time I’ve been able to breath since April.

I wanted to post a little about my story to help or give some hope to anybody going through this at the moment.

I haven’t had a lot of positivity before or throughout my cancer journey from my oncologist’s like some girls get during their treatments, and probably for good reason…
I had stage 3c1, 6.5 cm tumour, parametrium spread and multiple lymph nodes involved :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Prognosis not great!
Didn’t have a massive shrinkage before brachy, I think maybe a couple of centimetres and lymph nodes had increased!! (The anxiety!)
Oncologists still said now we wait for 3 months but will do a pet scan at 3 months instead of waiting the 6 months.
In the meantime while waiting I felt like I had to do everything I could to fight this cancer while waiting for my results if treatment didn’t work.
I read “how to starve cancer” by Jane Mclelland (who was also initially diagnosed with cervical cancer and beat cancer x3 times)
I changed my diet (cut sugar, diary, red meat and alcohol) and started taking a bunch of vitamins and off label drugs, high dose vitamin C IV, exercised and got my body strong again, even if treatment didn’t work I wanted to be strong for whatever I had to go through next.
Even though there are not a lot of of “proof studies” for what I’ve done, I believe that all of this combined with my treatment helped me and I will continue to live like this so I can hopefully see my baby boys grow up and if not let them know I tried everything I could to fight this awful disease.

Keep fighting girls :heart:

Amy xx


Huge congratulations Amy!! Im so happy for you!! I likewise read the same book as well as ‘Radical Remission’ and ‘Cured’ and they really helped me to find additional things i could do to possibly help. Like you, i believe every little bit helped me too.

I really am over the moon for you, go hug your boys and have a wonderful weekend!!! Xxxx


So so happy for you and thank you for sharing what you’ve done to help your body recovery’ :heart::heart:


Many congratulations. You must feel so relieved. Enjoy the festive period coming up with your babies and hope you go on to have a wonderful life. Xx❤️

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Hi I am sorry if I have posted in the wrong place
had my results today after my 3 month mri and was told the tumour had shrunk and I was being discharged from oncology to surgical who will monitor me scans for 3 months for 2 years and then 6 months to yearly up until 5 years I was not seen by my consultant but a nurse tried asking a number of questions but didn’t get a straight answer I am now worried what my outcome is any help would be appreciated thanks

Hey @Shakybum,
I’m so sorry you are going through this at the moment :heart:
There are lots of girls who didn’t get NED at there 3 months scan that went on to get it by there 6 months, I think @kittycat and @Georgiethallasso have both posted about it if you look up their posts It may help you.
If you are not all clear by the next 6 months scan, surgery is a still a curative option which many women have done also!
Sounds like your doctors will be keeping an eye on everything and will be onto it straight away and give you the best outcome.

Amy xx


@shakybum try not to worry, like @akj said many women arent all clear at 3months!! Feel free to search my posts or DM. Xxx

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@Akj Oh I’m so so happy for you! This is fantastic news! Have the best Christmas with your lovely family! I’m definitely going to get the books you’ve recommended ! Sending massive hugs to you xxx

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Thank you @Willow23 :heart:
Yes definitely do! Xx

Thank you for taking the time to reply I have read many posts about results but my problem is that I had no results just that the tumour had shrunk when I asked the nurse questions she just kept saying it was good news and enjoy my Christmas I feel I have no clarity and am not sure what the next scan will be if it is another MRI or not
To be honest I have met with my oncologist once and that was to be told I had cancer they didn’t even stage it for me just said it had spread to my vagina and lymph nodes I had to research what stage it was.
I am really worried as I was going back and forth to the GP and a&e for almost 10 years and was told it was fibroids and menopause
I even had a colposcopy 5 years ago and was told I had tested positive for HPV but not the strain that causes cancer.
Now I have no idea where I am and afraid I am being fobbed off again any advice would be appreciated thanks all.

Yeah that’s terrible by them for being so vague this whole time!
During my treatment I didn’t get a lot of feedback until the very end but I guess that’s just because they don’t really know how things are going to go but when it comes to staging etc that’s shocking!

Im in Australia so Im not sure who could speak to or what you could do, but hopefully one of the other ladies might be able to help.

Amy xx