3 month MRI results - residual tumor

Hi everyone,

Was diagnosed with 3b in February (cervical tumor and 2 lymph nodes). I did 5 weeks of cisplatin/radiation and then 4 days of internal radiation. My tumor had a good response during treatment and shrunk a lot, it was 50mm x29mm begin with and i just found out today at my 3 month MRI that it is now 10mm x 4mm. I know I should be pleased but it hasnt shrunk much since the internal radiation so im dissappointed. Did anyone else have an increase in shrinkage between the 3 and 6 month scans? I have a meeting with my oncologist on Monday to discuss in full, hoping it’ll put my mind at ease a bit. Thanks all x

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I had the same thing at my 3 month, and I go for my 6 month MRI on Monday, so will keep you posted!

My doctors were all deeply positive that I shouldn’t worry, so I’m doing my best.


It’s rather disheartening isnt it. Doesnt help that i had that over the phone with a doctor who isnt my usual oncologist, but im meeting my regular oncologist on Monday and im hoping she will give some reassurance.

Huge good luck for your 6 month MRI on Monday!! Keep me posted. Sending lots of love xxx

Good luck today Elroo!

Thinking of you & sending positive energy your way :sparkles:

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Thank you! Went this morning, and it was an extra long one - 45 minutes in the whizbang machine! This time I had them play ambient music in my headphones, and I felt like I was in the weirdest art spa, but almost fell asleep, since I couldn’t get a wink last night in “anticipation”. So, now I’m just waiting for the results and playing that game of “look at the results in the portal and freak myself out before my Dr’s apt or wait and see”.

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I think you are going to be super happy when you get your results!

:crossed_fingers: :sunny:

Hi Elroo, 45 minutes, you hero! I have everything crossed for you. How are you coping today? When is your doctors appointment? Sending lots of well wishes! Xx

Hi can I ask you all did you all how did you receive your MRI results? Letter , appointment face to face or telephone?

Face to face for me. All my results all along the way, good and bad have been face to face. My 3 month mri was good news, but still had to go in to be seen.

Likewise, all results face to face (except my last MRI where they were accidentally posted to my profile before i had met with my doctor!). X