3 month milestone - yeh

hi all

just thought i'd post to relay my experience.

Waited for nearly an hour to be called, depressingly the youngest in the waiting area by about 30 years.

Anyway i didn't see the consultant who performed the surgery but one of the  team, which was fine.  This guy listened to and answered all my questions that I had neglected to ask at my all clear appointment.

He did examine me internally and looked at my incision sites.  My biggest gripe is a pain in my right hip which is worse after sitting and driving, this is combined with numbness on my inner thigh.  He believes that its a bit of sensory nerve damage and they will check again at the 6 month point and if i'm still experiencing it send me for an MRI.

I wanted to find out what the monitoring schedule is, where I am being treated as it seems to be different everywhere, so for me it will be every 3 months till 1 year, then an MRI, then every 6 months to 2 years and then that's it.  This was stated on the caveat of being sensible and reporting symptoms when pressed further on this he stated bloody discharge after sex or changes in bladder/bowel function. I will question further the sensible statement when I have my next checkup.



Hey Pat,


Well done on reaching this milestone! Sounds exactly like my check up and I too still get the right hop pain almost 9 months on. Since starting pilates and having regular physio it has definitely got better though. At one point i was in tears at work the pain was so sharp. But, fingers crossed, it's calmed down now I'm strengthening back up again.


All the best xx


so glad u posted this as I have my 3 month check up date through (for Friday 13th...lucky!) and have an on off pain in my right hip. Not there all the time, can be a quiet ache and can be quite piercing at times. Good to know what can happen at these meetings. Not looking forward to mine as is with the dr who gave me my diagnosis in such an unfeeling, mumbling way all those weeks ago... Total lack of people skills! 

Im glad it all went well for you. Fingers crossed it all stays that way for the next one and the one after that!

xxx dons

PS it's good to feel young in a room full of old people. Better than feeling old in a room full of young people!! ;-)

Well done Pat for reaching your 3 month milestone. Thanks also for posting about the symptoms to look out for. I think we all need to be vigilant in changes in our bodies and not be afraid to raise concerns with our medical teams. I’m now a 'regular' at my GP. lol xxx


hi all

Thanks for all the well wishes and yes it is a good feeling to get to this point.

Its also reassuring to read that others are experiencing hip pain.

He did mention that they took 5 lymph nodes from each side so I was wonderin if this is a bit on the low side.  Always something to worry about right


Hi Pat,

I only had 5 on one side and 7 on the other! Guess they only took a few as they were confident they didn’t need more, and every one is different. Xx

ahh Jo, that's good to know. 

once again reassurance from other site members.  really i'm not sure this would have been possible to cope without this site

feeling the love


Sending the love! ;-)

some people seem to have very few then I read someone had about 40taken????? I asked my dr on results day how many we have and he said it's not a set number but around 20 in that area but there are many more as go down into the groin? Human anatomy is not my thing! Remember, they don't want anything missed so will take what they think is needed whilst your on the operating table. Having some left may actually help you not to develop Lymphedema I would have thought. Don't worry. Ha ha- how many times do we say this?

mucho hugs! xxx dons