3 month check up post rad hyst

Hi ladies!  So, I had my 1st 3 month check up appointment today! I was fine all morning and then as I was walking up the stairs to my consultants room I suddenly got all nervous! He gave me a smear test, then an internal examination. It was a little uncomfortable but not horrendous.  I asked where he was taking the cells from as I have no cervix?! Hey said they also check the cells in your vagina. Those results take about a week. He said everything looked and felt ok so that was reassuring. Then the not so good news. I have a little swelling / fluid build up around the groin area. My cons said any fluid build up resulting from lymph node removal is classed as lymphodema. I think he saw the panic on my face.  But he said its not the type where you need to worry about it and if may settle down and it's still early days and there's not really a lot I can do to cure it but just wait.  And also, it might always stay like that! Gross. So I told him I was peed off, as other than that I'm fine. He said I could wear support / Brigette Jones knickers if it's uncomfortable. Then we both laughed. But really, it's so frustrating!!! 

I'd be interested to hear if anybody else had fluid build up / swelling in the groin area and if so, did it disappear?  I've been body brushing and had few lymphatic drainage massages to get the lymphatic system moving. Whilst this has helped short term it's not curing it. 
For my six month check up I'll be sent for a blood test and a CT scan followed by appointment with him to look at the results and be examined again.  Because of the node involvement he wants to keep an extra eye on me, which is great.  So, it was a bit emotional to get to the first 3 month check up.  But another milestone DONE! :-) xxx

Hi Tess,

Well done on getting to your 3 month milestone!

I’m so impressed by the care they are taking over you. I didn’t have a smear test and certainly no mention of scans etc.

My 6 month check up was due last week but the consultant was ill and cancelled. They’ve rescheduled it for December! Don’t feel like I’m being taken seriously really, reading the care you have received.

Re the swelling. I had the open surgery so have a c-section type scar. Below that, basically to the top of my pubic line, is all swollen 90% of the time. I presumed it was just post surgery puffiness but I’m thinking now it may be lymphedema. Like you I’ve tried massaging it etc but it’s always there being puffy! I can see it if I wear a closely fitted skirt and it looks gross. I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable wearing a bikini, even if the swelly belly ever does go down.

So, I think it must be fairly common and I hadn’t worried about it apart from how it looked really.

Take care xx

Hi Jo,

My care is through my private medical insurance so I'm not sure if this makes a difference as to what the follow up appointments involve? Even through the NHS I think the care differs per trust.   I know that because of the lymph node involvement and my tumour type they are going to scan me regularly, not sure how often that would happen otherwise? Maybe someone else will be able to comment as to what has happened at their follow up appointments.


It's frustrating that you have to wait until December for your next appointment.  Could you give them a call to see if you can bring it forward?


My swelling is exactly as you describe, puffy and horrible and looks a bit weird in a bikini. The glamourously world of CC!! 


Tess xxx

Hello Tes309

the swelling you describe is from where the lymph nodes  were removed.  I had my rad. hist. in Dec.2012 and almost immediately I had this. Just before I had my first check-up 2 weeks after surgery it became very swollen and flabby and the surgeon said it as fluid build up and it should go down.  It has gone down greatly since that episode and it has never ballooned again however it has not gone away and I find it quite noticeable as I'm a fairly slim person. So much so I'm very conscious of it as I can see it when I'm wearing jeans therefore I have to be careful in what I wear.  Having said that it's the least of my worries! Finished my treatment in July (chemo,radio,brachy) and had my first 'big' scan end of september, just got results yesterday from the oncologist who rang me at home to tell me that all was good!!

Best Wishes,



*22 Oct 2012 CC confirmed

*Staged 1B1

*5/12/12 Rad Hist & ovaries removed

*18/12/12 Post surgery results - lymph glands clear, rare occurrance - micro metastasis found in ovaries, restaged 4

*chemo, radiotherapy, brachy - completed 01/07/13

*25/09/13 first scan post treatment - clear



Tess - I’m NHS but I think with my tumour being squamous and grade 1 they’re less worried. My consultant pretty much said the 3 month check ups are more hassle for me mentally than they are worthwhile. Still worries me! I guess I’ll get a vault smear at some point. I’ve called them but her earliest apt was Dec. she has a private consultancy too, so it’s hard to pin her down.

Bogeywoman - that’s such good news from your big scan!! Well done :slight_smile: Hope you’re getting on ok without too many side effects.

Most of my clothing involved leggings and tops that go to mid thigh now to hide my puffy bits! Non stop glamour. I go on hol next month so will be in kaftan! I realise it’s a silly thing to get bothered about given the alternative, but I do hope it goes down soon!

All the best xx


So girls, looks like we will be waiting to see if the puffiness goes away........   I still can't believe we just have to wait. Arghhhh. 
Bogeywoman, well done on getting through all your treatment and fab news on your scan. Xxx 


good news on the 3 month check up but bad news re: the swelling.  i was going to post on skinny jeans and how soon after anyone wore them :-) i'm still in baggy clothes.


Hi Pat,

I wear them if I'm not too 'swelly', lol.  I also find if I drink 2.5 litres of water per day it helps.  Probably as it is helping to flush out toxins and get the lymph moving.  How is your recovery going? xx