3 days after LLETZ treatment and something fell out!

Hello ladies.
First post here and I don’t know where to start…
I’m 50. Been treated for CIN 1 and 2 before in the last 5 years.
Both times had to go to A&E for severe clotting and secondary infections from LLETZ treatments where periods kicked in.

Today, I’m 3 days post LLETZ treatment for CIN3/ high risk dyskaryosis, after waiting nervously for 4wks for colposcopy biopsy results and an MRI.
Feel absolutely rubbish tbh. I don’t think the hospital prepares you for any of this.
Stomach cramps… watery pale brown discharge… fatigue… tearful… And still freaked out by the whole LLETZ procedure along with the weeks of built up anxiety not knowing if anything was cancer related.

So today while showering I broke down in tears when something I can only describe as a horrifying 5cm round beigey-orangey brown skin like fleshy thing fell at my feet. Thankfully there hasn’t been any bleeding and I’m hoping it’s the equivalent of an internal scab having come away. But it does seem rather soon. I’m wondering if I’m rushing the healing process a bit.

Just feeling sorry for myself. Wishing I could get back to some kind of normality (whatever that is!) and stop getting freaked out by whatever my body’s doing at the moment.

Thanks for listening… and it’s comforting to see so many ladies sharing their concerns in a safe, understanding space.
Take care of yourselves ladies x

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Hi @MelS I too had passed a larger piece yesterday 3 days post LEEP.
I remember my first LEEP in 2017 being way worse, it was deeper and lots of cramps, bleeding and such. This round has been a lot smoother so far, but I did too pass little pieces until yesterday it was a larger piece like you’re describing. Feels like it would have been the whole circumferance of the treatment area.

No increase in bleeding or anything like that so far, I believe it is normal. If you have any concerns though, I’m sure your DRs office would be able to answer for you. <3

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Hi there,

I similarly had LLETZ for CIN3 last April and remember being horrified when something exactly how you describe fell out while I was using the toilet. It is really scary, but do not worry it is totally normal (I found out later after speaking to another doctor, I was never warned about this by the doctor who did the LLETZ).

It’s essentially a scab that falls out when you are healing.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the advice. So far, 6 days after LLETZ (and the “chicken skin/scab fallout”), everything is kind of ok. Just feel a stomach tightness and occasional cramps, but mostly want to sleep. Things can only get better!